New guy with a Neo :-)
  • No prizes for guessing where my Cube came from - those yellow doors are a dead give-away!

    Two weeks with this little thing and I'm hooked :-)

  • Very nice. Welcome!
  • You beat me by 3 days. I was travelling up on the Monday to purchase but Neil emailed me to say it had sold. Hope to see it in the flesh, you coming to Japfest?
  • Sorry Diaz :-( 

    I'd been trying to get down to Bristol to see the car for about a week, then I managed to grab a Friday to myself and took the opportunity to zip along the M4 to take a look. The Cube was as good as Neil said it was and before I knew it, my debit card was out of my pocket...

    If it's any consolation, I'm having to make space for it by selling a couple of other cars (anyone want a '59 Chevy Apache stepside with a '61 Corvette engine?)

    Japfest wouldn't normally be on my annual car show schedule, but I reckon I've got a good reason to go this year :-)

    Please don't hoof me in the nuts when you see me!

  • Nice looking car that mate, it was in the showroom when I bought mine!

    You got any plans for it?

    And an American car enthusiast aswell??

  • Looking forward to seeing this - white with aero kit. Lovely. :)
  • Looks awsome in Black/White combo :-bd
  • Tim,

    There'll be no hoofing I promise. It wasn't meant to be, I pick my cube up on Thursday so that'll keep my mind off your neo classic. Would be great to see it at Japfest!

  • Very nice.
    Now I have a question, I've seen these wheels/hubcaps around quite a bit, yet I'm not sure whether they're indeed rims, or just covers? Are they a Neo spec standard style?
  • They are alloys OrangeCube, but only 14".
  • I can't quite decide if I should keep them just for the novelty value of having tiny 14" alloys, or go old school JDM style with a set of these (although, they'd be 7" ET38, rather than 8" ET25!)

  • If only I had a drive already.... Always wanted a step side!!!!!

    Need to get moved and a drive to get our Eunos back but would have made some space for a step side to help out a cube owner!!!
  • Well, if you don't have space for this:


    How about something smaller, but equally cool? ;-)

  • Awww don't make me hate you without ever having met you!!!!!!!

    My Mrs would have that off you in a heart beat as well! I couldn't interest you in a PX on a nearly new octavia that uses the wrong length hydro carbon could I?!?!?!?!