anti rolling doofer thing?????

hey cubists! i am here at you mercy again!!!! the wifes pride n joy just been MOT'd by mechanic friend-he does all the jobs but then takes it to an mot centre. they tried to fail it on ----NEARSIDE FRONT(drop link) ANTI ROLL BAR HAS EXCESSIVE PLAY IN A BALL JOINT! ? my mate kindly pointed out he was bein slightly pedantic and that he would be willing to put his name to it all daŷ!!!!!! SO arm bently twisted he passed it. my mate said as a precaution he looked for one/pair and couldnt get one and couldnt anyone to tell him if it would be same as micra etc--- anybody any ideas??? i would rather try get one now while it still ok than wait till it gone!!!!! ps my post about putting steelies on-- steelies off clio 3 are now on and giving far better ride than big alloys and ya dont grit ya teeth and panic at every little pot hole in rhe road!


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