Indash ipad/android tablet install/modification...

I wasn't sure where to put this, and as I'm yet to start a 'build thread' and as I thought that it really belonged in the technical/modifications section... I stuck it in here :)

It's not really a how too, more a pictorial 'look what I did' but it's really very simple (so far) and I'll update this thread as it comes together.

In a nutshell... I pulled out the ugly double din stereo, got my hands on a cheap android tablet, and decided to try and stuff it in :)

The centre console comes off pretty easily (I'm sure cubed explains somewhere how that comes off) and modifies it with a slot for tablet removal/side loading


Then I made up a neat little 'cradle' for the tablet using some 5mm acrylic and a table router




And Roberts you mothers brother



The two black buttons are for 'amp on' and 'tablet charge/USB ports on' (the slot next to the buttons is going to house a bank of USB ports)

Next up... bond it in, a splash of paint and then onto the wiring :)


  • That's the most impressive thing i've seen in ages, nice work  :) <div>What colour are you painting it?</div>
  • Cheers buddy!! :)

    Colour wise.... I'm not sure? I was thinking if doing the interior bits in gloss black, as I'll eventually be getting round to replacing the interior with all black bits and pieces, but I just know it'll scratch, a LOT :( so maybe a satin black. Not really sure to be honest
  • Very impressive!!
  • Great work man!! <div><br></div>
  • Thanks again chaps!

    It really was very easy - a bit of measuring, a bit of marking out, the rest was do e with a router and a load of plastic weld =)

    It's the wiring that I'm not looking forward too!
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    Very good job . Puts my two temperature gauges in the dark .
  • Fair play! Good job
  • Temperature gauges look very cool :)

    Thanks again, I'm just waiting on some additional connectors to turn up in the post so they'll be an update v.soon
  • How did you keep you fabrication skills quiet?!

    I'll be in touch. :)

    As it happens I've got something similar planned for a tablet but not for the dashboard.
  • Very very good install, I was thinking of doning similar but removing the tablet was the sticking point but that's a great solution
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    My main concern was the removal of the tablet too

    I felt that this was the most 'factory' option and the neatest solution having seen similar attempts at installing a tablet into various trucks and cars; and the more I looked a it the more I thought that it's almost as if the shape of the dash protrusion was made for a side slot of some description, so after a tonne of marking out and measuring out came the dremmel and off I went.

    I assure everyone, it really is a very simple process - a cheapo tablet (or, an ipad if you prefer), a stack of Perspex, a table router (possibly the greatest power tool ever invented) and a bit of time - oh, and an urge to make things :)

    Feel free to drop me a message when you get to your tablet install cubed... I'd be more than happy to help :)
  • That's ace! Fantastic bit of work. 
  • The mighty car mods boys did something very similar with an Ipad inbto a forester but as the dash aperture was exactly the right size there was very little of the awesome fab work that you have done. They did use an ebay airport express I believe to turn it all into a wifi hotspot though as well but depends if your using an ipad or google I suppose.<div><br></div><div>Just out of interest how are ll the layers bonded together? just superglued or something more fancy?</div>
  • I've seen that ipad install (they installed it vertically rather than in landscape?) and it looked very VERY cool!

    My only gripe is that iPads are bloody expensive. This android tablet cost me £62 delivered to my door and does everything that an ipad mini can, but has expandable memory and hdmi/usb interface, and android is much more 'hackable' in terms of making it do what you want. I can also connect it to my phone via wifi and run netflixs, google maps, navigation etc etc

    To install an ipad into your cube/car/truck also requires a bit more technical magic with the wiring (I believe) due to the single pout connector on the apple devices - one port for data/charge/sound - but with the cheapo android tablet I'm using the standard micro usb charger hard wired to the cigarette lighter (more on that to follow) and a stereo jack/headphone to RCA type setup straight to the amp - couldn't be simpler.

    The cradle is made from 5mm acrylic, which meant that I could use a 'plastic weld' product (the exact chemical is dichloromethane) which, instead of 'sticking' the acrylic together actually melts a couple of microns of each surface together creating a very strong bond indeed. It's really easy stuff to use too (and doesn't burn your eyes like superglue) you just clamp your bits together, and brush the joint with the plastic weld; capillary action sucks the plastic weld into the joint, leave it a couple of seconds, run another dribble along the seam and the tighten your clam/vice a tad to force the freshly melted/soften faces together

    *That all actually makes it sound a LOT more complicated than plain old superglue, but it really easy, much more 'controllable' and the resulting bond is much stronger, more resilient to cracks, etc etc
  • Sounds excellent and yes the apple stuf is a bit of a closed system hassle to deal with.<div><br></div><div>I like the sound of that acrylic adhesive, sounds like the old Airfix model cement that melted the plastic.</div>
  • I'm guessing that it's the same stuff as air fix glue... Only it's not thick and gluey, it's has a very low viscosity - less so than water and evaporates very quickly = excellent stuff for bonding plastics :)
  • Wow, when we get our Cubic I definitely want to pimp it up like this.... and connect the video out also to a flip-down screen in the rear as well for the brats.
  • Are there any completed, sprayed up, installed shots yet?
  • No updates as of yet bud, I had a bit of a paint reaction so I'm in the process of stripping all the bubbles and wrinkles off in preparation for more paint :(

    Word of warning... Plasticote is sh*te
  • Okie dokie... Finally it's done!!





    It took forever to strip off the old wrinkled/reacted paint and even longer to repair the damage left behind from all the furious sanding - hence the sticker bombed/heavy lacquer coat, but we're pleased as punch... And all for less than £100!!

  • That looks stunning. Amazing mod!  ^:)^
  • Thanks bud!

    It took forever, which it really shouldn't have, but I'm please now it's finally in

    Now all I have to do is sort out my speakers... Haha
  • Absolutely awesome. Wish I could just whip up something like this. <br>But my question is, no more radio? 
  • Haha, yup no more radio, though I do have internet radio, which is a great alternative to the crap that is on 98% of the time
  • Excellent work. It's a bit of a shame you had to sticker bomb as it takes away from the sleek fitting of the screen but all good :)
  • Cheers bud, yup - completely agree!

    It looked so slick and 'factory' in satin black... And then I b*lloxed it up with some dodgy paint

    Lesson learned
  • dropped you a PM DJS<div><br></div>
  • does look awesome. and great anti theft in being able to take it with you!
  • Really wanna get some more info on this
    So badly want to recreate it!
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