• Sooooo... My cigarette/cigar lighter has stopped working since I removed the centre dash section on my Z11 (android install on its way to a cube near, erm, me!!)

    I'm guessing I've blown the fuse whilst p*ssing about :) and was hoping that somebody could point me in the direction of the location of fuse in question?

    Thanks chaps
  • I thought the same thing after I did my radio. Turns out I had forgotten to plug the connector back on to the back of the lighter socket.

    The fuse box is just above the lever for the bonnet. Fuse positions are shown inside the lid.

  • Cheers bud.

    I've not reconnected the connection yet, I just checked the plug for a live feed as I was test fitting things... And it's, erm, not live.

    I've checked the fuse box lid too... And all I see is:

    10A 10A 10A 10A

    10A 10A 15A


    15A 15A

    15A 10A

    With a load a Japanese under each fuse rating

    I'm sure one of them says 'cigar lighter'?? :)
  • Hi

    Yep, you want the 15A under ACC. 電源ソソケット means electric socket!

  • Cheers Mark! That's exactly what I needed!! :)

  • Mines in english  B-)

  • That is awesome!

    Saved!!! :)