gen two keep stoping /SORTED

Hi all just the last two days driven along engine cut out lights all come on pull over after a min or so start up runs as it did well any pointer before I start to look around for a prob. I code read no codes. Poo poo so I guessing a poor connection some were any help dear cubes


  • I had that problem the other day. Ran out of petrol :( hope yours turns out to be nearly as simple a fix
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    Hi cubed no such luck.dose any one know which relays do what in the engine bay box pls .
  • Gen2 uses the same IPDM unit as the K12 Micra, so if you've got a service manual for one of those handy, it should tell you. Sadly, mine is on my PC at home so can't check. Sorry.
  • Thankyou taz I look on web .
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    <font color="Red">Symptoms</font> - there have been lots of different symptoms but all in all the usually will not idle or even be started.<br>
    -die while driving and can't be started<br>
    -sputtering like it's not getting gas<br>
    -rough idling <br>
    -usually no mil codes but might have a combination of other lights flashing or on.<br>
    -sometimes truck will die but will start up normally in a few minutes/hours than die again<br>
    -sometimes the truck crank but will not start than start normally after that (early sign of IPDM failure)<br>
    -battery usually good cause I had full lights in the truck and all other stuffs work<br>
    -I will add more to the symptoms list as I come across them
  • ISCV? could be sticking which would give idling issues and could give you starting issues if jammed. If it's jammed the engines anti stall will cut in and rev the car as if your a boy racer at the lights. Could be gungy injectors as well possibly although I would have thought you'd have noticed a lack of power for a while before the issues your now having.
  • toaster some of those sound like the symptoms relating to the K12 / cube / tilda Official Nissan recall?
  • Thankyou both I did a test on ign relay and it did not read right on meter so I have changed it and hope as this is my daily ride . See what happens .
  • let us know how it goes fella...fingers crossed for yer
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    Hay guess what.I thinks it lives again done a couple of 100miles now. no stoppy must of been ignition relay .I could not get a Nissan one so I got suzuki one from a wagon .there are two 1ecm and the second is ignition relay changed both
  • Nice work dude, well sorted.
  • good work. :)
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