rear wiper fluid reservoir location

Does anyone know where is the wiper fluid reservoir for the rear wiper located? When I just got my cube I could've squirt fluid both front and rear, now I can only squirt at the front. I assumed that the front reservoir served both front and rear squirting so I refilled it, but same problem.


  • Hi its all in the front one
  • Rear fluid pump and take out is set higher in the front tank so it- <div><br></div><div>A. acts a warning that the fluid is about to run out and needs topping up</div><div><br></div><div>B. you don't jet all the fluid onto the rear and have none left for when you need to jet the front.</div><div><br></div><div>Fill the front reservoir before you find the front one stops working as well!</div>
  • Thanks. Will fill to max and report back. Terry are you saying my rear is damaged by low fluid levels?
  • <p>No, I think he's saying that if you fill your washer water to the top then both will work - your water level is currently below the outlet pipe for the rear wash but above the outlet pipe for the front wash.</p><p>If it doesn't work when the reservoir is full then you have a leak in the pipe to the rear wash - either a split or it's become disconnected at the nozzle. </p><p>The clear pipe runs along the driver side of the car - from the bulkhead above the pedals, under the cill trims and boot carpet, then up through the tailgate rubber grommit and runs behind the light grey plastic trim on the upper tailgate onto the nozzle.</p>
  • Yup sorry if it wasn't clear but the 2 come out at different heights so the rear will always stop working first as the water empties down. looking at this sketch you can see the 2 pumps that give this effect.
  • Thanks for the help guys! Filling reservoir to the max worked. Had to pull and hold the rear squirt lever for about 7seconds before water actually came through though. And when it did, it ran dirty for about 4seconds then clear.
    But everything is back to normal functioning now. :D
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