Matte black!!! (Well, some of it is...)


I wasn't sure if I should start a new thread, or continue the last one; so I thought if start a new one and cross my singers that this was ok.

Well... After around 12 hours of stretching vinyl, a fair bit of swearing, and a good few brews we managed to get our front end wrapped in vinyl!!




And the slightly less cool view...


I will say, that it is WAY more difficult then you would imagine (I've seen the YouTube videos, I though 'well, it is more or less square, it can't be THAT difficult'.., how wrong was I!!)

It looks good (in my opinion) from a short distance, but close up there are a fair few visible slip ups, but we have a tonne more vinyl, and we're going to keep on at it and go back and redo the bits that let it down - maybe :)

The paintwork was quite poor in a couple of places once all the old Japanese stickers had been removed, so we are happy anyway :D


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    Having tried my hand at a few small wrapping projects in the past I'll say that looks like a pretty good job, as you say by the the time you've finished the car you'll be way better at it and can start again at the front  :D <div><br></div><div>P.S Good choice on the colour too, Black is the coolest and the fastest (not that I'm biased in any way)</div>
  • Looking good :)

    If you start a thread in the members cars section you can keep that updated with progress ;)
  • Cheers fellas... Will do that cubed :)
  • Will look good all done , are you going to put anything on the black? ;) ;)
  • Nope, straight matte black :D

    We have some exciting wheel plans ahead too... Without giving too much away, cubed mentioned what we have planned in an older thread... rhymes with sanded, erm, eels :D
  • Ermmmm candied reels? ;)
  • did you use water spray to get it on and have a heat gun handy for the curves? spraying everything helps loads with being able to line everything up but the curve of the front of the wing and the bumper I don't envy you with the rest should have been pretty easy to get on.<div><br></div><div>The wing mirrors will truely make you cry!!! mine look fine at range but up close the vinyl has puckered quite a lot since I did it and so I think I'm going to have to try prestretch on the second if that goes better redo the first.</div>
  • I didn't use water/slide method - I've tried it in the past and have found that the 'pressure set' stuff (like the matte black I used here) works better dry - just my humble opinion.

    Applied dry it is also a little easier to get a decent heat/stretch (yup, good old heat gun) without it shifting around to much.

    The bumper/wing curve actually wasn't too bad, trimming around the bumper grills and neo-classic arches was an absolute bitch though; but the wing mirrors I am dreading - I've seen that pre- stretching technique and we'll definitely be going down that road.
  • looks great i did the bonnet and ratted it with fake rust around the edges i love vinyl<br>
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