New front grill... Thoughts? Opinions?


I mentioned in my first post that I had a list as long as my arm of forthcoming tinkerings and general goings on with the (newly registered) cube, and this is the first of many :)

We have matte black plans for the paint/colour of the car (a 'big f-off roll of vinyl' plan to be precise)... And I thought a splash of colour would help


And a freshly painted shinny black badge to top it off


Oh... And a 'de-stickered' shot


(It looks better than it is to be honest, the stickers have buggered the paint in more places than I care to mention!)


  • I like the look of that grille. Has it been dipped or is it a wrap?? Would like to see it on the car though. :)<div><br></div><div><br></div>
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    Cheers bud! It's a wrap :)

    I'll get it on the car asap - the lights/indicators are about to be tinted whilst the grill is off - so I'll throw up a pic or two of it fitted

    (I was quite pleased with myself, and couldn't resist showing it off as soon as the vinyl was done ;) )
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    Love the grill.

    Looks like Jon Burgerman?
  • You've done a cracking job on that grill, it looks awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with :D
    Best Regards James
  • Thanks chaps! I'll get some pictures of it fitted later on today

    Never heard of John Burgerman, but a quick google search reveals that I might just have to see about getting a vinyl print of some of his work - very cool!
  • Really like that grille.

    I was thinking of doing my dash surround in a sticker bomb style.....does anyone know if the centre airvents are the same as any other Nissan because mine are the same colour as the surround and i wanted black?

    Mines currently in having its new graphics done # F**king Excited.
  • I have updated pictures, grill now fitted and lights tinted... But does anyone know why my posts are stating 'awaiting moderation' and aren't showing?
  • <p>Not sure why that is - there's nothing showing up for me to moderate. </p>
  • I have had this before i then tried again with pc based upload all done ahain on Mobil
  • Hmmm... I'll try when I get home (all lights tinted, everything fitted back up and ready to show off my handy work)
  • Bring on the pics :D
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    Okie dokie,.....

    Here is the cube post fitting, pre tinting



    Which I think looks AWESOME :) but unfortunately the tint is just too dark as the headlights at full beam look more like side lights :( (funnily enough the indicators are fine though)

    So if anybody can suggest a super bright bulb upgrade, it'd be very much appreciated
  • That looks the mutts mutts chap, why not use Fly eyes tint on the headlights? It'll let the light through better? I'm looking forward to seeing more soon....
    Best Regards James
  • Cheers bud!

    I've actually got a roll of the fly eyes stuff - the guy I got the tint from sent it by mistake and said to keep it for the messing around whilst I waited on the tint!

    I just can't bring myself to NOT tint the lenses now I've seen them blacked out :(

    I've got my eye in some H4 7500k bulbs (100W/90W) they have a slight blueish tint to them, but I'm thinking they might do nicely once the lights are retinted with something a little more sensible (if the local constabulary see those black BLACK headlamps I'm done for! I'm sure of it!)
  • Fly Eyes are a decent solution. And like you say, if plod see headlights that dark, you'll get a ticking off. Can't be far off an MoT fail with those either!<div><br></div><div>Having said that, the grille looks really good with the tinted lights.</div>
  • <p>Yeah my headlights failed with the limo tint lamin-x.</p><p>I'd suggest leaving the lenses clear, splitting the headlights apart and covering the grey plastic surround with your urban art vinyl to continue the theme across the full front lights / grill "bar". </p><p>You could do the same with the outer edge of the front of the clear lens too to help make it look as one.</p>
  • <p>Grille does look really good on the car..........tempting idea if I could get a cheap spare grille. I bet it was bloody difficult getting the wrap around all the contours with bubbling or creasing?</p><p> </p><p>What did you use to do your badge (and the process), was it painted?</p>
  • Thanks again chaps, I'm really pleased with how it came out, and it was surprisingly easy<div><br></div><div>No way on earth it was getting through MOT, so I've taken the black tint off the headlamps :( but the indicators are staying black :) and am toying with the idea of going yellow :D</div><div><br></div><div>A1FD28F3-0AF9-491B-A2B0-86A05724C78C_zpsa0c87d75.jpg</div><div>(a very quick photoshoping)<br><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>The vinyl itself is super stretchy (to a point) and its just a case of heating it to its most flexible point and then pushing it firmly into each square opening using 4 fingers in each corner to get a good stretch and to get it to follow the internal radius. I did need to use rectangles of cardboard - just oversized of each opening - pushed into each 'socket' once it had been stretched to hold the shape when i moved on to the next opening, otherwise the heat from the heat gun kept undoing the previous one.</div><div><br></div><div>Re: the badges (they've all been done, even the chrome Nissan licence plate frames, but the rears aren't going on until the vinyl is done) it was just a case of flattening them down with 240 grit wet & dry to give the primer something to key too, then primed, top coat, clear coat & buff when fully cured - easy :)</div><div><br></div><div>If you look closely at the badge, you will see that there is a chrome outline round each letter! which id like to be able to say was intentional, but it was purely by accident. This was actually the second time they were painted, the first time i painted in the lettering in red, but my cack handed painting resulting in me needing to strip them with thnners, then prime and repaint; and it seemed that there was a touch of thinners still on the badge in the recess of each letter which thinned the paint on the corners of the  resulting in a very cool effect! :) </div></div>
  • hello sir i love your cube may i ask where you got your body kit because i really want one for my car
  • The overarches are stock on a certain edition of cube the Neo Classic but they are very hard to get hold of not on a car and most are snapped up by owners looking for replacement parts for theirs. you can hunt through nengun or import monster and see what you can see but warning your going to have to pay!
  • /\ what he said

    Sorry, I've been off forums for a while :)
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