Pics of my new project
  • Just thought I would post some pics of my new car as it looks like it's going to be quite a quick transformation.

    I picked it up on Saturday from the dealer and had already arranged with him for it to be lowered before collection, so that's the first thing off the list.

    I also had the dealer fit a set of wind deflectors as they had them in stock.

    Today I've had the front windows tinted to match the rears (no pics yet).

    Next week I hopefully get my new wheels fitted as they're now on order, and a reversing camera linked up to the stereo will be done at the same time.

    Then.............. what is probably going to be it's biggest change once I finalise designs with the graphics company!!

    Nissan Cube Project 038.JPG
    640 x 480 - 90K
    Nissan Cube Project 041.JPG
    640 x 480 - 91K
    Nissan Cube Project 039.JPG
    640 x 480 - 91K
    Nissan Cube Project 042.JPG
    640 x 480 - 92K
    Nissan Cube Project 044.JPG
    640 x 480 - 90K
  • Looking good :) nice colour too. What wheels are you going for?
  • Thanks very much.

    Wheels will be 17" Fox FX004's in Black. The place I bought the car from put's them on a lot of their Cube stock, and the price he has supplied them for was really good, plus the black will tie in with the graphics i'm having designed

  • Lol you'll have the same wheels and springs as me then  :D They're a good fit on the Cube, It'll certainly transform the look no end, I'll look forward to seeing the end result. Out of interest where are you having your camera mounted?
    Best Regards James 
  • Hi 'toomanycars' Where did you buy your cube from that will fit the alloys? Is it Performance point in Bristol by any chance?
  • Hi, yes Toomanycars and I both got ours from Neil at performance point/Car imports direct up in Bristol, He's an easy guy to deal with too  :)
  • Was yours the black one in the showroom until last week Jetfitzmaurice?

    The camera is probably going by the rear number plate slightly off centre because of the number plate light.

    Yes, as already said chris, Performance Point for the wheels, but if you're relatively local, I wouldn't recommend them at all..................otherwise all the Cubes in the Southwest are gonna have the same ones!!


    Also had the designs back from the company doing my graphics today........................OMG!!

  • image

    Yup this is now mine 
    I've been waiting for a half decent day to give him a wash and get some better photos so I can put a post up on here. Don't worry about us all having the same wheels, I might be changing mine soon! I was thinking of a reversing camera so I'll be interested to see how yours turns out, that and the graphics 
    :D Best Regards James 
  • Yeah I'm based in Bristol and you're right, it will look like a clone army of Cubes all wearing the same shoes!

    Jetfitzmaurice - Looks great all in black! How easy do you think fitting a aftermarket rear camera would be? I've re-wired an old mini mayfair but nothing this modern!!
  • Wiring the reversing camera isn't hard, they only have the video feed to your head unit and 12v power so just 2 cables. The cameras are cheap and readily available on ebay, £20 get's you a good one, siting wise you can fit a combined numberplate light/camera (bit low so make sure you find one that adjusts), mount it inside the back window looking out or the neatest opion with the best viewing angle is to remove the rear wiper and use the hole for your camera instead. I'll probably do the latter as I hardly ever use the rear wiper and I like the smooth bum look  :-O
    Best Regards James 

    PS Don't worry about us all having the same wheels as I'll most probably be changing mine in the next few weeks and putting these up for sale
  • Nice looking car James, it was obviously waiting to be registered when I bought mine??

    My wheels arrived today, and handily I was in Bristol to finalise my graphics colours so picked them up on the way through, now just got to wait for the tyres to arrive!

    Hoping to get the wheels onto the car before Tuesday, coz that's when the major work is being done.

  • P.S - Only joking about the wheels, and I may decide to have mine done a different colour in the future anyway :D
  • Looking forward to seeing the graphics, the wheels certainly fill the arches out nicely, I'm just looking at something in gunmetal to tie in with the grille and break up the black a little. We viewed and bought ours 2 weeks ago and collected it a week ago, it wasn't registered at the time we viewed it though.
  • Looking forward to see what graphics plans you have. Sounds like they're printed vinyl of some kind?!

    Yours looks good too Jetfitz.

    Do any of you South Westers fancy joining us at Japfest at Castle Combe in May? See the post at the top of the board for info ^^^



  • Don't think they're printed vinyl Phil - I did go to Bristol Blue Customs and he tried to sell me on a full wrap with a similar design to what i'm going for which I think was printed vinyl, however, the colours were not what I wanted, plus I wanted to keep the silver of my car as the base, and to have anything like what was in my mind would have meant a white base (one of our other cars is white aswell).

    In the end, the company i'm using will layer some of the vinyl where it overlaps the chosen colours (4) and where it doesn't overlap it will just be a single layer of vinyl.

    If it comes out anywhere near aswell in the flesh as it looks in the pictures, i'm gonna be so chuffed, but I may be the only one that thinks so!!

  • Same as mine James, un-registered when I viewed but only took a week from viewing to collection.

    Yours was in the showroom when I looked at mine, but I do think it works because it is all black. I've never been a fan of black wheels on anything because I think the design can so easily get lost with the black of the tyre etc, but these wheels seem different for some reason??

    What about being brave and having the wheels done in a colour that really will break up the black? If my car is done as planned on Tuesday, once it's "revealed" I can let you know how brave I very nearly was with my choice of wheels............the only thing that stopped me was the cost once they had landed here with Import Duty, VAT and Carriage from America, plus then the tyres on top.

  • Incidentally, why do my responses always come up in blue and everyone else's in it because i'm not a full member?
  • your replies show up in white on my screen, mine show up in blue on mine though  :D 
    I know what you mean about a different colour entirely, something like this was a thought...

    We'll have to wait and see, I've got a few ideas floating round at the moment. Decisions decisions!
  • Yeah a nice soft accent colour would be nice on all black!

    any hint on the graphics???
  • That's more like it!!

    Personally I think if a "bright" colour is used it has to be really vivid, so they do look like a really bright turquoise in the picture rather than a Dulux White with a Hint Of............sort of thing.

    Fluorescent is the future, well, maybe???

  • Your own comments / posts are blue so you can see your own posts more clearly. :)
  • Hot pink wheels against a black car. :D

    Look forward to seeing your graphics Toomany
  • Thanks CUBED.

    It's very sad, but only 3 more sleeps!!

    Wheels fitted today with the pics below, and you can just about make out the front window tints I had done on Wednesday hopefully.


    Nissan Cube Project 001.JPG
    640 x 480 - 92K
    Nissan Cube Project 003.JPG
    640 x 480 - 92K
    Nissan Cube Project 008.JPG
    640 x 480 - 89K
    Nissan Cube Project 006.JPG
    640 x 480 - 88K
  • Looking good,the wheels look great against the silver  :)
  • Thanks James. ;)
  • Are you doing the vinyl yourself or having someone else do it? all I can say if your doing it yourself is take your time, do it somewhere clean and use plenty of soap solution to keep it moving around until your ready to fix it in place! Did mine myself with the help of 2 friends and a decal the length of a cube is a scary thing when swinging around between you!
  • Not doing it myself!!! I am currently sat watching it being done by the company I'm using. Seriously happy!!
  • Looking forward to seeing photos and crossing fingers that it's not similar design  / colours that's hitting up my cube soon. :)

  • Whooop Whoop! pictures please!!!!
  • Only just got home, the company didn't get finished until nearly 6pm, then I had a 30 mile journey home out of Bristol.

    I had some extra's done while I was there (centre caps for the new wheels and some extra stickers for the windows!!

    I love it and the 3 people at the graphics company loved it (should be on their website soon!).

    CUBED, I would like to wager that the colours (well, one at least) used will not be the same colour as yours, and the design.....................well, we'll see.

    Gonna get it washed again tomorrow, weather permitting, and then i'll get the pics hopefully.

    Can't wait to get your reactions

  • Seems I've started something with huge graphics down the sides of cubes!

    Looking forward to seeing what you've had done.
  • Aah now we have to wait till tomorrow, I was looking forward to seeing the grand unveiling you tease :D
  • Well, tomorrow has arrived!!

    I can't see it being to (m)any taste(s), but as already said, I absolutely love it. The execution of the look and colours I've had in my head is spot on.

    Nissan Cube Project 003.JPG
    640 x 480 - 85K
    Nissan Cube Project 004.JPG
    640 x 480 - 86K
    Nissan Cube Project 006.JPG
    640 x 480 - 85K
    Nissan Cube Project 008.JPG
    640 x 480 - 86K
    Nissan Cube Project 016.JPG
    640 x 480 - 89K
    Nissan Cube Project 013.JPG
    640 x 480 - 90K
    Nissan Cube Project 019.JPG
    640 x 480 - 88K
    Nissan Cube Project 020.JPG
    640 x 480 - 90K
    Nissan Cube Project 018.JPG
    640 x 480 - 90K
    Nissan Cube Project 021.JPG
    640 x 480 - 90K
    Nissan Cube Project 022.JPG
    640 x 480 - 88K
  • Pictures can be clicked on to be made bigger if the details are too subtle :-))
  • That looks great matey, great choice of colours, you must be chuffed with the end result  :D
  • Nice man, Urban Cube Warrior! 
  • Cheers guys, you don't have to be polite, I can take it!!

    The pink is actually a lot brighter in the flesh, it was actually called something like Intense Fuchsia, basically the deepest brightest pink I could get.

    As said, there's actually 4 colours on there, but the silver against the colour of my car is really subtle and can only be seen from certain angles in certain lights.

    Honestly, in the flesh (I think) it looks incredible.

    Had them custom do my centre caps James will know from your wheels, Neil has some stickers done for them in black with white cube lettering, but they are printed, so mine are in matching Black and Pink like the car.

  • Excellent work, really suits the car and all the shades match well with the body colour. :)


    Now please say you'll come with us to Japfest in May!


    PS> No similarities to mine either so sigh of relief there. :D

  • Thanks CUBED!

    Would've loved to get it to Japfest, but when I went to put the date on my calendar I realised we go on holiday on the 19th. GUTTED.

    Glad it's not going to clash with yours, but I hope you're going to be equally stupid?? LOL

    Are you having yours done in time for JF?

  • No worries - Japfest is 10th May - are you away for 3 weeks?! enjoy that. :)

    Yep more stupid i'd say. :)

    Mine is being done on Sunday.


  • I'm an IDIOT! I meant the 9th.

    More stupid.........f***ing hell!!!

    Can't wait to see it then.

  • Not gonna loose that in the parking lot (not that you loose cubes in parking lots anywhere other than japfest!) but that looks awesome!

    Mine is actually really tame by comparison but with massive sheets of leopard print wrap burning a hole in the house I may become outrageous in the near future.
  • Holy Batman that stands out :-bd
  • Needs Pink wheels :-\"
  • Ebay No - 400513304158

    They're the wheels I was going to get initially but matching the colour of the wheels to the vinyl would've been pretty hard judging by the finish in the pictures, plus, although they look reasonably priced in the ad, by the time they're couriered from America and you add the import duty, VAT and tyres, they would've been an expensive set of 17" alloys!

    I bought the ones on there with the intention at a later date to get them painted a different colour, but now that the car is (nearly) done, I think there's just enough pink................maybe?


  • Thanks for the positive comments Terry and Paul, I have to say I wasn't expecting any, so the fact everyone has said something good so far's a real surprise.

    We live opposite a school and the attention it's had this afternoon is as ridiculous as the car itself. The kids have been pointing and staring and a couple of the parents have been taking pictures.

    It's a shame really that i'm so shy, otherwise I would be enjoying it. LOL.

  • Yeah man, I would colour the. Islam badge on the grill and may some wheel caps in the pink? Nice work man thanks for sharing!!!
  • Looks good, liking it a lot especially the pink, can't have to much pink
  • I love it. What more can I say =D>
  • You know what, on any other car, that would look f*cking awful. But on a Cube, with those wheels? It works.  :-))
  • Looks really great .as you said you can take it .have you got matching tshirt .sorry!! A great use of colour see you a a show a enjoy .
  • Again, thanks for all the positive comments, hopefully get to see a couple of you South West Cubers out and about.

    Todays new wheel nuts arrived so just put them on and changed the silver tuner nuts the wheels came with to a much more suitable black.

    Nissan Cube Project 001.JPG
    640 x 480 - 86K
    Nissan Cube Project 002.JPG
    640 x 480 - 87K
    Nissan Cube Project 003.JPG
    640 x 480 - 91K
  • What size are your wheels? and tyre spec?

  • They're 7x17 with 205/40/17 Nankang NS2's Chris.
  • Thanks man, I have no idea about wheels and fitting. Im looking at these: 

    However, the car I'm picking will have the lowering springs added and i want that low cruiser look with a full wheel arch fill... however i don't want a hard ride.

    ... you can tell i have know idea about alloys!! haha
    440 x 440 - 130K
  • The wheels would look nice I think, but to get the look I think you're after, 15's may not be the right size. Do those wheels come in 17"?

    If the car was going on coilovers, you could get the car as low as you wanted over 15's, but with just lowering springs 17's may be a better option.

    Best thing is to wait and get the car, leave it a week or two of driving around to let the springs settle to the right height (mines dropped a bit further with use) and if you like how the standard 15's look, go with that for the new ones as you have extra width aswell.

    The only other thing to consider is that with a dish to the wheels, they will look smaller than they are.

    Also, if tyres are a consideration, the ones currently on your car won't be the right size for the new wheels anyway, and the difference in price between the right size 15" tyres and the right sized 17" tyres should be less than a tenner per tyre.

  • Yeah i can get the style of wheels in 17", Neil at performance point has a mate that could have sorted me out today with a set. However they were Lenso's and were pretty pricey. 

    I think you're right, i'll let the cube settle down a bit and get comfy before buying her new shoes. Im not keen on the low profile tyres, perhaps 16 could be an option with a thicker tyre wall. Will that keep a softer ride?

    ...also, while i was in today i didn't see your cube as they must have been working on it in the back. Shame as i wanted to see it in the flesh! unless it was that well camouflaged!!!! 
  • LOL, with the weather in Bristol today it would've been seen!
  • Ha that's true, how's the rear camera??
  • Mmmmm, not sure at the moment, takes a bit of getting used to as it's a bit discombobulating!
  • It's mounted on the rear bumper right? I've seen a few where they have taken off the rear wiper and replaced it with a camera. (think CUBED did that??)
  • It's in by the rear number plate and is only a small camera, so very neat.

    It's hard to describe, but I just find it really strange at the moment but this may get better with use. I would've just had parking sensors put on, but because of the permanent tone that already sounds when in reverse, having another beeping would've been even worse.

  • Well, a few more things are now ticked off the to do list.


    Over the last month when the weather has allowed the car has had the following done

    All doors and boot Dynamatted.

    All 4 speakers upgraded and new speaker rings made.

    The spare Airbox cover I acquired has been painted silver and some stickers have been added (although now the original one has come off, I am seriously thinking about getting it hydro dipped with something stupid).

    And I have just had an Amp wiring kit fitted in preparation for the Sub and Amp to be fitted.


    The project is evolving!!

  • Ha I dont believe you till i see pictures!!!  [-X
  • I only got the car back from the garage yesterday Chris because I had to get some new discs and pads fitted, so they done the amp wiring kit and the airbox cover while it was there, but they will be here soon!


    How's yours going, are the wheels fitted?


  • Oh nice man can't wait to see it at jap fest. Sounds like you've been busy with yours. Mines all coming along nicely. I'll post a tread now with some pictures.
  • Having had the pleasure of seeing this cube in the flesh today.  I can only say it was awesome, I loved it, it's so well done.  My littles boys loved it too.  Nice to meet you Toomanycars. :)
  • Cheers Gordon, nice to meet you.

    Roofbars on , so just got to wait until Monday for my Kayak to arrive to put them to good use!!