Andrew's green Cubic
  • I got my new Cubic yesterday and I love it.



    It looks like it’s been used as a taxi, not because there are any signs of this on the car, but I found a document on the internet describing a Kings Lynn town
    council meeting where someone had applied to use it as a taxi.

    There is overspray in all the wheelarches so I would guess it’s been resprayed recently. Who knows why, accident damage maybe? I think with cars of this age / rarity
    you have to base your judgment on the current condition, the panel gaps are
    spot-on and I can’t find any evidence of accident repairs apart from the
    respray which looks like an excellent job to me.

    It’s an auto, but I think someone’s used a CVT dash panel to convert to MPH (a couple of people suggested this on my other thread), because when you turn off the overdrive, a ‘CVT’ light comes on.

    Plans are to sort out some wheels, and fit some lamps in those round places in the front bumper. Not too sure about lowering as I intend to use all 7 seats
    regularly. I think the tracking needs doing too. It would be nice to have one
    of those double din sat nav radio things with a reversing camera too.

    Does anyone know how to stop the mirrors automatically folding in when I lock the car? I fear it might wear out the motors. There is a little switch near the steering column wich says AUTO in a picture of a mirror, but this has no effect.

  • Nice to see you've started a thread about your car, good luck with your plans. :)

    It's amazing how many posts i've seen from people who want the mirror auto close option. :)

    The overspray could be from a dodgy wheel refurb on a previous set of alloys if it's just in the arches?! 

    I only say that because the wife's Audi A2 has the same from when they repaired wheel kerb damage before we bought the car.
  • Sorted out the mirrors thing. The switch has three positions: Open, closed, and the central position is auto. (this is not labelled).

    The other 'auto' button makes the mirrors tilt downwards slightly when reverse gear is selected. Nice.
  • Renno scenic 16" alloys

  • Welcome and enjoy
  • Nice colour. And I like those wheels! :)
  • I removed this nasty immobiliser today, as it was operating a tad randomly.


    Also, does anyone know if the clip that holds the bonnet stay up inside the bonnet is the same part as a micra or something? Mine is broken.

  • Hi there,

    Congrats on the purchase.

    Would it be possible you could take a photo of where the auto button was for the mirror folding and also adjusting when in reverse gear?

    Just seeing if it is something I haven't noticed before


  • Photo for 328


    Circled in blue is the switch for opening and closing with the mid position being auto. Circled in red is the button for enabling the tilt downwards for reversing.
  • THanks for that mate :)

    I dont have the button in the red circle :(

    But the one in the blue you lock the car and the wing mirrors automatically close? and this is the button to adjust this from hapenning?

    Cheers again for your help!

  • When the switch is in the middle position, the mirrors fold in when the car is locked. They don't fold out again until the engine is started.
  • Did you use your original nuts for the wheels or did they come with the Renault ones?
  • I used the cube wheelnuts. It looks like the Renault wheels have the same taper in the holes.
  • Cheers andrew,

    Will give it a try :)
  • I decided to tackle the rattly exhaust. I considered making a complete system out of 2" pipe, but decided not to for 2 reasons.

    1. There are a series of complex bends near to the rear beam.
    2. Most 'universal' silencers for self build are straight through boxes and I don't want a noisy exhaust (I'm 40 this year)

    So after a bit of searching I found that the higher powered micra diesels had a 45mm exhaust pipe. I bought one:

    Back box
    The middle pipe has no silencer.

    Now, a Cubic is considerably longer than a Micra so the middle pipe needed lengthening. This was achieved by fitting an extra silencer:


    I also fitted an old Punto turbo tailpipe to the back box. This is just screwed on so I can change it as the mood takes.


    I just need to fit all this to the car now, and make up the flexi cup joint where it joins the front pipe.
  • I'm 44 and I want loud <:-P
  • Is you decating ?
  • Toaster - yes, it has 2 cats, one on the manifold and one just behind the front subframe. It just seemed easier to replace the second one. I can put it back on if it fails the MOT.

    I finished the front half of the middle pipe tonight, including the wobbly spring joint thing.



    I'm quite pleased with how high I got the whole thing, this sideways shot shows not much exhaust is hanging down:


    The back box isn't quite hanging straight but apart from that it all works:


    And finally, have I noticed a huge increase in power as a result of de catting and increasing the tube size from 35mm to 45mm? No.
  • I got the central locking sorted on the back door today. It wasn't locking, which meant that when we returned to the car my son would open the door, setting off the alarm. It was suggested elsewhere on this forum that I could fit an aftermarket motor to operate the lock, so I bought a couple off ebay. I drilled a 3mm hole in the lock next to where the cable fits in, then bent the operating rod supplied with the motor in a right angle and fitted it in the lock. It's retained in place by the same bit that retains the original cable:

    Then I made a bracket out of steel strip to hold the motor. It's very powerful so needs holding down securely:

    Next I cut the wiring off the plug and left it plugged into the lock just in case I need it one day. Then I crimped on connectors and connected them to the new motor:

    Checked it was wired the right way round, eg locks when it should and unlocks when it should, then put the door back together. Job done.

    The driver's door is playing up now. Glad I bought 2 motors.
  • Looks like the same little motor in mine. Good Job. :D
  • nice photos, you sorted that out quickly. :)
  • Yes CUBED, I don't like it when stuff isn't working. I have to fix it. I think it must be an illness.

    Did the drivers door today:

  • I spotted some 17" wolfrace wheels locally quite cheap so I bought them:


    They are almost the same colour as the grille. Well pleased.
  • Wheels look good! Always liked that subtle green shade on the Cubes....