Going to view a Cubic. Advice?

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<p>Hi all. I've been lurking on here for a few months now, I currently own a Multipla as I need 6 seats, but I've always hankered for a Cubic. Going to look at one tomorrow. It's done 95,000 miles and I think it's a 1.4 CVT (I've asked the owner if it's CVT or auto but he hasn't responded yet). What should I be looking out for? So far I've worked out I need to check the following things:</p><p>Timing chain rattle (I once changed a head gasket on a k11 micra so hopefully I'll know what I'm looking at)</p><p>Dampness in the spare wheel house caused by boot seal leaking.</p><p>Bad stuff in the CVT department. How do I check it's working properly?</p><p>It's described as being in very good condition and the asking price is £2995. Is that about right? There aren't many cubics for sale to reference against apart from the fresh import ones.</p>


  • Hi Andrew

    There's some buyers info in this post if you have already found it - http://forum.cubeownersclub.co.uk/discussion/6159/advice-on-buying-first-cube#Item_23

    Only advice on cvt is to check it all changes okay - press the shift button on dash too - check you can change up and down through the gears using both steering wheel buttons. Press S button on gear shift too when in auto mode - pretty much same as not pressed but 1k higher revs.

    Price is tricky to tell as it's largely down to urgency to sell but doesn't sound too low to cause alarm bells ringing.

    Good luck and try not to get carried away when you start grinning when you first see it / get in. (Unless that's just me that did that)
  • I know mines a gen 3 but I didnt want to get out of it after test drive :-))
  • Well, I've seen it and left a deposit!  :D <div><br></div><div>The 'when you first see it' moment was a bit tarnished because it was buried at the back of a workshop. Once I'd helped the guy move a rigid inflatable boat and a winebago, I saw the cubic's face for the first time. It's got a bit of a bodged repair on the exhaust, and the tyres are all a bit worn, but apart from that it looked good. It drove ok up and down th'ills of 'uddersfield. My only problem is that I have to wait until Monday to get a lift over there to pick it up.</div>
  • <p>Good news. :D</p><p> </p><p>A winnebago, boat, and a cubic - sounds like they like their toys. </p>
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    Lol. There was also a smashed up Lotus Exige that they had crashed on a track day. And, of course, the ubiquitous Land Rover.<div><br></div><div>One thing I don't understand about the cube though. It had no switch on the dash next to the hazards, and the button on the gearshift said OD (overdrive?). From this I assumed it was an auto, but when the OD button was pressed, a 'cvt' light came on on the dash. Is it a CVT or not?</div>
  • Hmm interesting.

    I take it hasn't got the steering wheel shift buttons either?

    I've heard talk of cvt cubes without the shift buttons but not known any owners.

    When you get your hands on it take some photos of the engine bay and we can play spot the difference.
  • My guess is that you have an auto - but somebody has fitted a CVT speedo face when converted from kmh to mph.<div><br></div><div>This is really common. There are many different speedo face designs.</div>
  • My after market dials have a CVT/OD light where my old ones only said OD also has a 4wd light so I think they covered everything when they made those.
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