New Cube

edited December 2013 in General Chat
Just a quick hello to you lot. Just got back home to Durham from West Midlands after buying my first cube (Gen 3) today. Smiling all the way back and could easily have carried on driving over the wall into Scotland! Nee bother! Looking to mod it sligtly in the future, drop it and some different wheels but nowt else really.


  • <p>Welcome to the site - that's a long way to go for a gen 3. :)</p><p> </p><p>Look forward to seeing how it turns out. </p>
  • Wecome to the club enjoy .
  • Cheers, It was a hell of a long way to go, but well worth the trip.
  • Welcome along.... No pics but if it's white we don't need them 'til it's modded ha-ha! Have fun with it we all do and I'm sure you start with height and tires but will end up like the rest of us!!!
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