Dial change Gen 2

Just a little guide on changing the dial faces on the cube.

Quite a straight forward job all you really need is a screwdriver

First remove the dash surrounds as you would to change the radio, the dial surround is held on by one screw hidden behind the switch panel the houses the mirror switch.
This just pull off to reveal the screw. Then you will find the dials held in by three screws, once these are out just pull the unit forward and unclip the single connector from the back, then take inside and get comfortable. Just remember where the fuel gage needle and rev counter was when ignition was on and the engine warmed up!

Splitt the unit down to just the dial unit by uncliping thr surround and plastic face, you should end up with this



The needles just pull off buy pinching the bases an prising forward, once they are off the face will just lift off.


Then place your new dials in place, remove the needle stop pins from the old face and push into the new.


Then reassemble in reverse order but leaving the clear face off,
Place in the car and connect the cable, turn the ignition on and push the needles back on for the fuel in as close to the same position as possible.
Start the car and let it warm up and then push the rev counter needle back on when warmed up in the same position.

Next the only awkward bit you need a satnav and a long ( private ) road.

Get the car up to a nice speed about 40ish on the satnav and push the speedo needle on, don't push it all the way on as you may need to adjust it abit , just drive for awhile checking the speedo against the satnav,( I new that my speedo was just about spot on with the satnav due to the 17inch wheels but it still took a couple of tweaks to get it right.

Then when your happy put the rest of the dash back together.


As for changing the colour of the bulbs the faces have a coloured layer printed on the back so and colour change is almost impossible .
I have managed a slight colour change with the new face by using some coloured caps for the bulbs.


The heater controls are better left in place and uncliping the front and swapping the bulbs that way as fiddly to get out.

I wanted a bright pink colour but this was not achieveable with the colour caps so working on some LEDs , the straight swap LEDs do not spread the light enough and you end up with very dark patchy lighting so I'm still working on this.

As with most things on the cube nothing is just a simple swap and I still need to work on adjusting the lighting levels on the new facia as the whole face lights up at night making it a bit bright, so will add more to this guide when I've sorted this.


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    Thanks for this, it's easier than I thought. Correcting the dials could be tricky though. <br>Where did you get the white dials?<br>Thanks. :)
  • 160886662543 one on flebay
  • Got mine off flebay. It's best to get a satnav comparison before you take them apart so your sure what it should be when putting them back.
  • Ha, I'm hoping to get the whole cluster for AU$100, and this joker wants 30pounds to ship to Australia. <div>Okay, so there's not a set position for the needles, they're all adjustable from the cluster according to how you put them on? </div>
  • Correct just pull of carefully and push on make a note of fuel amount .take car for run sat nav speed be for and then you can see were to aline and adjust if needs .or go fast in a speed trap and let the police fine you. May be not .
  • Haha, the last idea sounds great! Thanks for the info. 
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