<ul><li><font size="3"><i>Pics on full site  if you can do this as in video<u> </u>Your chain has reached its limits in the adjuster is a none return cam which has gone over they can be reset/reused how ever  time for and sprockets chain. <u>


</u>Hi boys and girls some pic  not to bad so far do chain removel tomorrow <font color="#ff0000">
<u>Disconnect battery</u></font><u> .<font color="#ff0000">radio code</font></u> do you know it before you kill power Remove air filter .remove any pluged unit on air box . Unclip air filter remove.unbolt air box 6/7 m6 bolt couple of air pipes mark if you feel like for eas.
Unplug coil packs i number my up to you
Undo cam box around edge and two on the left near middle leaver off
Remove top engine mount.
Support engine if need to
Remove drive belts
Ac pump do not undo pipes just move to help
Remove exhaust down pipe unplug lambda .
Remove lower tin sump these are stuck on so leaver with a thin blade .
In side sump there are three m6 bolt
Around edge there are more .
Undo lower ball joint driver side and lift out then pop drive shaft onto of box . Undo the gear box bolts but leave in about three turns and part away .
The lower Ali case is glued on and well so need a thin parting wedge there are two doles on the gearbox end to locate the sump i used a workshop power saw blade
Plenty of jiggy drop down
Front timing cover undo bolts and the same glue and there are three bolt going down in to the case and five bolt hold on the timing gear flat top case
Next you need a compressor and a blow gun to un lock inlet cam advancer . I do have a proper diagram i up load .and a full timing make page .
<u><font color="#ff0000">The lower crank sprocket can be put on wrong . So BE CAREFUL deep big groove to face you or the timing marks will be wrong</font></u> .<font color="#009900"> <u>The marks are inlet cam11 oclock .exhaust1oclock and crank is 7oclock</u></font>. Line all up before you remove old chain then you can see were it was
lined up .the old chain my not be lined up as it slowly run out the back
again. <u><font color="#ff0000">The timing marks are easy to see and the chain has id links to line up with sprockets</font></u> .Dont forget to lock cam advancer back easy job but spanner on cam hex and rotate  away from you  And fit new top gauze gasket on cam cap . The job was ok and done in car little fiddley but yes no more than any other fwd car. What took time and most important is cleaning the old Nissan gasket sealent off all the bit if not you may leak. And buy a good selent not silcone nor rtv . .time wise first one and learning ten hours . This was a manual micra 1.4 not to different in room . No special tools jack axle stands . Oh compressor and air gun . I put full kit in as the advancer socket was worn .parts used.
Complete kit chain sprocket guild kit/
Cover gasket/
Advancer gasket Nissan only13533ax010
Tube of gasket sealent
And one big helping of fun .
More to follow auto data technical </i></font></li></ul>


  • That's fantastic, thanks for adding 
  • Excellent post.
  • Top post, well done for taking the time :-bd   ^:)^
  • Thanks for the comments only trying to help and if saves money even better i have more to add
  • Hi,<div><br></div><div>How much of a job is checking the tensioner piston via the inspection panel?</div><div><br></div><div>Is changing the chain a 'no go' if you don't have access to an air compressor?</div><div><br></div><div>Many thanks,</div><div>Stu</div>
  • Stum remove panel 5 bolts and you will need some kind of sealer to resemble . As for compressor not to shore why i now it unlock cam advancers but why you need to ? I used one . Sorry if this fide not help . But you can see ten from the panel just under inlet cam
  • Thanks for that. So there is liquid gasket to clean off and replace on the inspection panel? I'm thinking that this might be the best first step for me - even of I ultimately get a garage to replace the chain.

    Thanks again.
  • Stu look at top of page i put a link to a YouTube check micra i found may help
  • Thanks for that - I'll have a watch this evening :-)
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    hi all i think i have finish the upload hope this realy helps someone in the future all the best.the toaster has said anoth.time for tea yum yum<br>
  • Hey toaster,<div><br></div><div>Could I ask where you got your liquid gasket from?</div><div><br></div><div>Thanks,</div><div>Stu</div>
  • Hi stu .
    Yes got it from my moter factors .ie unipart /partco /moterparts direct. Or how ever you have in your area . If you are only doing the top sided plate one you could use a normal rtv sealer as you can sort out a leak Easter up there than any were eas . Shop around for the above i put a picture in the top of page so you can see what your looking for hope this helps i also add a a couple over videos the second one is the easy way of cheating as you only need to remove rockercover and get hold over chain and see if you can pull chain up/down like they did . Thanks stu
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    Ah cool - sorry, missed the pic of the Loctite 5980 :-(<div><br></div><div>You're right - I'm aiming just to take the top/side cover (cylinder head front cover) off first to check the tensioner protrusion - part #9 in the attached image.  Before that though, I think that I will be replacing the Cam Position Sensor to see if that resolves it - optimistic perhaps, but for the £40 odd quid the sensor costs it is worth a punt.  I still can't get my head around why ours is only running badly first thing when cold - would have thought a stretched chain would throw timing out all the time.</div><div><br></div><div>Thanks again for your help with this - I'll keep posting my progress.</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers,</div><div>Stu</div>
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  • Stu thanks if you
    taken of top cover you must get that top cam gasket if you look on diagram of the timing chain and sprockets the gasket has fine gauze in it it fit on the cam holder only Nissan part about 9 pounds pic of were fit fit below
  • Thanks for that.  So, if removing the inspection panel (part 9 in my image), do I have to remove the top cover - ie. the rocker cover?
  • Yes top first then you will see all from top so don't bother with side .you can see tensner from top if you look
  • Thanks dude. Is the cam gasket separate to the rocket cover gasket? I'll change both in that case. So no sealant needed if I'm just taking off the rocker cover?

    Sorry for all the questions.
  • What does the compressed air do?
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    Stu hi that all right.
    1 remove rocker cover its a rubber gasket so it should go again and you defo nerd other as it will rip
    2no sealer just rmove rocker cover +one small gaskey
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    The compressed air allows the inlet cam advancer to be released for the time of removing chain and alignment not to shaw if needed to but all i read says to do so.unless there is a reason inside the advancers. hope this helps
  • Stu part number is Nissan only .
    ((13533ax010 gasket oil gall ))
  • Perfect - thanks toaster!
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