• Hi All

    I've just had my cubic MOT'd and it passed, however the garage says my front roll bars need replacing.  Does anyone know if standard Micra ones fit?

    I've found these cube ones here:
    But I'm not 100% clear if those are the roll bars themselves?


  • Hi bud is very unlikely that the antiroll bar needs changing !!!. More like the link ends that fit on the end you have found common complaint on cars .or mounting bushes which fit to subframe .
  • He's said both of those may need replacing in the future, but will be fine for a while.  The car has had some weird clunking at the front end, I may try and get under the car to see what I can see.
  • Most likely the arb bushes surely?
  • The mechanic said the bushes had gone and the roll bars.  If the bit I linked too above has both parts for £18 I may as well order them and see?
  • Those are the bits ..drop links / stabilizer links . but not the antiroll bar as that would be in £100+ .AND VERY UNLIKELY TO NEED THAT
  • This will probably be to do with the drop links and the bushes associated with them, the drop links are mounted one at either end of the anti roll bar and are positioned vertically connecting the anti roll bar to the strut, the anti roll bar itself is horizontally mounted and is behind and underneath the engine, this wouldn't need changing, and they won't come out without taking a lot of big things out of the way, or chopping in half.
  • Ok, thanks all.  I will talk to the garage and see what they say.
  • that front end clunk could be  loose nut on the drop link... after lowering ours one worked loose and that left a clunk. funily though it was on the oposite side to where the clunk sounded to be coming from.

    Although a dead link would likely cause the same noise.
  • Thx terry