My soon to be Cube!
  • Hi guys,

    Hopefully collecting my first cube next week!
    It's a 1.4 SX in Air Blue with 26000 miles. It currently has a beige ecru premium suede trim; however I'm getting it swapped for a graphite trim instead.

    Been looking at cubes for the past 5 months or so. I caught the cube bug when I saw the Cube Owners Club at Japfest this year. They're unlike any other jap cars out there and that's what I love about them; quirky!

    Once I collect the car I'll post some more pictures with the new interior

    2048 x 1536 - 861K
    2048 x 1536 - 819K
    2048 x 1536 - 919K
  • Welcome,

    I can tell from the photos you've bought it from CID :D

    The suede trim sounds nice, think I'd have kept that.

    Hope you'll be able to bring the cube to the club stand at Japfest next year. :)

  • Another Air Blue. All the cool kids have Air Blues. ;)
  • Thanks guys :)

    CUBED - that's what I'm hoping to do
    Tazbert - couldn't agree more ;)

    Change of plan, I've decided to keep the Ecru suede interior and spend the money on some other accessories.

    Was thinking of lowering it slightly; looking at other threads the recommended is 30-40mm with no rubbing?

    Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  • Nothing wrong with beige interiors !
  • There seems to be quite  a few air blue in the club. I like the slight pearl effect you get in the Autumanal light..
  • With lowering your cube, you shouldn't have problems with rubbing, if you mean tyre rubbing on wheel arch, I never had any problems when I was on my standard steel wheels and I've lowered mine by about 80mm or more on coilovers, the bottom of the car hits the floor before the wheel would hit the arch, providing year alloys are a similar size to the steel wheels
  • Great, Thanks for the advice George
    With the amount of speed bumps near me don't think I'd have much of a cube left if I dropped it that much ;)

    Anyone able to tell me any websites where you can pick up accessories/aftermarket products for the cube?
    I've been searching and searching but can't seem to find anything decent
  • As far as I am aware, everyone on here with lowering springs is using nissan micra k12 ones, as the suspension is the same on the cube and the micra.
  • Hey GinoGinelli,

    Looks like you bought yours from the same place as I have just bought mine from, Performance Point in Bristol?

    How you getting on with it? Don't know about you but I found Neil to be one of the nicest people going, especially for a car dealer!!

    He's fitting a set of lowering springs to mine ready for when I collect it next week........the black one in the showroom sold me on them

  • I've just bought the black one in the showroom  :D picked it up on Saturday

    I'm looking forward to seeing the suede interior on yours
  • LOL - Nice looking car that!

    How do you find the ride, he's putting the same springs on mine

  • It's pretty good actually, firm but comfortable, it certainly handles very well and looks a lot better for the slightly lower stance. I'm certainly enjoying my first week of cube ownership :D
  • Excellent!!

    Hopefully pick mine up tomorrow or Saturday.

  • I was in there on Sunday looking at the white Neo Classic and you're right I've met Neil a few times now to pick his brains about the cube. Im yet to take the plunge but it will be soon. I didn't realise he would fit lowering spring before pickup thou, was it fairly priced? if not on here could you pm me the cost please Toomanycars? 

  • Neil agreed  to fit them as part of the deal when I bought the car so it wasn't something I actually had a figure for, but I think he said the RS Springs that were fitted were circa £180 plus the fitting.

    If you were there on Sunday, if you noticed the silver Mercedes CLK convertible on the forecourt, that was what I part ex'ed (on a backward deal), and I have to say, despite having two other cars, I've loved the Cube that much, I haven't stopped using it!

    Obviously don't know your situation, but I would recommend getting one asap, they really are great, and although I was worried initially about a lack of performance, by the time I drove mine 20 miles home, I haven't given it a second thought...........and I honestly don't think you could buy a better prepared vehicle anywhere else, or from a nicer more knowledgeable person.

    I popped back in there today with a couple of questions while I was in Bristol sorting out some graphics or a wrap for mine and ended up getting a new set of wheels from him, and again, he couldn't of been more helpful.

    If you want yours lowered, and you get a car from him, I would suggest you ask the question, as you never know unless you ask.........he may do a similar thing for you as he did for me??

  • £180 ish is about the going rate for a set of springs. Fitting the springs yourself is easy enough if you have a few spanners and can lay your hands on spring compressors but getting it done as part of the deal would be ideal.
  • Thanks for the info 'Toomanycars'! I can't remember seeing it as my eyes were too focused on the cubes! I pass Performance point everyday to and from work so the temptation has and will be there! I spoke to neil today about the white EX they have. Styling wise I saw this (below image) and love the look. He said that the wheels and springs he's happy to do as part of the deal. 

    Awwww man Ive test driven a few now but all with 100k+ and they all weren't well kept. I was always a bit wary of spending 5k on an 10yr import but i can't resist anymore. 
    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 08.57.05.png
    387 x 242 - 135K
  • Do it Chris!

    I have to say, the money does initially seem strong, especially when you look at the price of the Gen 3 cars which can be bought for the same money (or less), but the Gen 2's seem to have a real following which keeps prices buoyant.

    Glad to hear he's willing to do a deal, and I have to say, he seems to be shifting some cars which in January has to be testament to how decent he is. (He also has the wind deflectors in stock if you're interested as you can't get them anywhere else in this country).

    The one you've pictured would have looked identical to mine apart from the grille (and I think I prefer the grille like that one) as it's silver and I've just bought those wheels from Neil, but my plans to change the appearance of mine are now set in stone, the graphic designs have been finalised, signed off, and my car is booked in on Tuesday for it to be done.............I feel like a 20 year old again rather than double that like I am

  • What are people's thoughts of the white sx neo classic they have in at the moment?
  • The car is as clean, tidy and as well presented as all Neil's stock, and it looks really smart in the flesh in white with the kit. It was in the showroom when I bought mine. ;)
  • I'll second that! I was there yesterday looking at one and had a look round the neo classic and will be there this lunch time placing a deposit down on a little beaut! I can't recommend him enough to be honest.
  • Which one have you bought Chris?

    Mines going back up there today to have the reversing camera fitted (and cigarette lighter fixed) so you may see it!

  • Well I've been torn between the new 1.5 Conran he just got in, the white EX and the white Neo classic. The light interior put me off as first to the Conran however I've been to see it now and I'm going to go with that. all the extras, larger engine and leather seats swayed me..... I have planned a few little things for the interior to darken it slightly so I'm happy. 

    Sweeet! i'll look out for it... I'm sure i won't miss it!! ;)
  • you will - it's camouflaged. ;)
  • HA! very true.... 

    I was going to pick your brain 'CUBED' about interior wrapping/recovering. I found on your site the step by step images you posted about taking the dash apart however i can't seem to find the link? Do you reckon you could post it on here or if not PM me with it. Thanks, i think i need to see what I'm getting myself into :-/
  • It's the interior trim that's putting me off the neo classic
  • What is it thats putting you off? The colour?
  • Yeah thats the puppy thanks man!! 

    I was looking through the top link on the left leading me to this: 

    After now seeing the amount of work i wish perhaps i didn't see it! Great work thou 
  • No worries, yeah sorry site needs to be reorganised - most of the guides are on the links for my first cube - click on the pearl white one first an then the mods from there.

    I'll do the site when I've finished the car!
  • Yeah the colour and the non leather seats. Need to get up there and see it in person, spoken to Neil about a few tweaks etc. can't believe how negative my mates are being when I show them..... In my eyes these cars are awesome. Although none of them liked my crx either so I'm not phased by it!
  • CUBED: Ive been saying the complete opposite! Once I've got the sites done ill get the car! and finally the time has come. 

    Daiz: Ha don't listen to them I've had nothing but stick about mine too! they are the ones missing out. Once i pick mine up and they see the inside and ride of it I'm sure they will be converted! Im sure the other guys will fill you in regarding all the different models and what interior styles are like, Neil is great and will help too. Are you near bristol to be able to nip in and have a gander? 
  • So, deposit paid Chris? :D
  • Yeah I'm in Plymouth, so trying to plan a day I can get up to have a nose
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!  All paid and i think it was being MOT'd today! 
  • So, about a week til collection Chris?


  • Yeah man, I've been debating a cube for a couple of years now so it's way over due! it sailed through its MOT yesterday and the documents have been send off. How long did your takes from paying the deposit?
  • It was 5 days I think Chris, but Neil's post can arrive up to 2pm or something, so although it came back on the Friday, it was late and I picked it up on the Saturday.........but it felt longer because I usually travel all over the country for cars and therefore take the cash with me and drive it away there and then, so waiting 5 days was a bit of a chore.

    Having said that, our main cars have both been new for the last 3 years or so, and both of them were 5 months and 7 months from ordering!

  • :-O i don't think i could wait that long after ordering a car!! thats insane! 

    Im probably looking end of next week then i guess, I'll spend the time seeking out stickers, wheels, accessories and checking insurance (however i haven't got a reg number to do that as yet!) 
  • I thought insurance may have been a problem with my current insurer being an import, and especially because it was only just registered as well, but they had no problems at all doing it.

    Other than the springs, are you having Neil add anything else because he has got a few other items in stock?

  • Oh good well i'll tackle the insurance the evening i receive the reg. Im yet to decide on the camera as i was thinking of removing the rear wiper however getting neil to fit it might be a better option. Thats it thou, what else is on offer? 
  • Liverpool Victoria were very competitive with my cube (if it helps)  :D
    Best Regards James 
  • Oh nice, thanks James. Im with Churchill at the moment and I'm hoping they will be kind and not up it that much.  
  • Mines with LV too ;)
  • My previous insurer (More Than) tried to up mine to the best part of £700 fully comp  :((
    LV were slightly more reasonable at £220 for the year
  • What thats insane! My smart forfour is £280 a year fully comp at the moment and i think i'll be in for a shock when i tell them about the cube! 

    Has everyone mentioned about all the modifications??
  • I list all of mine, but admiral don't insure them they just have to be notified. There isn't really a lot of value in them and if the car was anything but stolen I'd just strip the car of what I wanted and hand them the bits I'd taken off so they have a complete car and I have my parts. if I ever swap insurer or do something really expensive then I'll make sure they are all insured to be paid out for.
  • I declared the wheels and springs, we looked at a civic type r as well and that was only £10 more to insure. there are some benefits to being 38 :D