Headlight problems

Hi all, I'm having problems with my near side headlight. Around October time last year it started becoming intermittent, it would go from working to not working about 2-3 times a week, I diagnosed is as a loose connection, which I knew would be hard to find and fix. Then a month or so passed and it then worked fine, it fixed itself. Then about a month ago it stopped working all together and hasn't worked since, so I decided to do something about it. I took the bulb out and it's this crazy looking hi tech thing, it looked blown to me. It turned out to be a xenon HID or something. I went and bought a replacement, at £40 trade price!?!?!? Fitted it in the plug (but not in the main housing) and it didn't work, then I took it out again looked around the plug for and signs of damage, there were none, put it back in and it worked, then fitted it all in the main housing and it didn't work, removed the other bulb (which has always worked) put it in this plug and it didn't work, then I put that bulb back in its original side and that still works. Is the xenon headlight system standard or is it something a previous owner has fitted, and does anyone have any advice? I really don't want to resort to taking it to a garage but it could be the only way


  • First thing to do is try a standard bulb in if is zenon you will have ballasts wired in to original loom what connectors are on the headlights threeslots normally standard bulb ffitment my hid zenons are sealed unit hilo bulbs with iso connection s :-??
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    It's fixed! What I did was try and diagnose a loose connection, and earth is the easiest to test, and it turned out at it had a bad earth, so I've put a new earth wire in and all is good, except the 40 quid bulb that I didn't need... But thanks for the ideas Simon :)
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