Panel removal tools what sort are best...

<p>So I need to remove a load of the interior trim for some installs and not wanting to break anything I'm going to invest in a set of proper trim removal tools. I have a mate who is willing to split the cost if the sets recommended are expensive but what's best?</p><p>Metal are obviously longer lasting and can take more leverage force but are they more likely to mark the plastic, plastic less likely to mark but as with the sheer volume of plastic tyre levers I've snapped over the years likely to fail (but I guess better that than the trim piece!!!)</p><p> </p><p>What have folks got and what do they recommend?</p>


  • I've got a set of plastic ones and to be fair there pretty dam robust. Having said that I haven't done any really hard work with them but they seem like thay can take a good strain.
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