Hi I have had my imported Cube since June 2012 , its and 04 plate and had a warranty I bought last year which cost me £305.00 , I did need to use it a few months ago as the Gear box went on it which cost £650.00 to repair it took four weeks to get sorted however the warranty did pay up ...well £500 of it I paid the rest my question - should I re new my warranty ? .<br> <br>Is there anything else that could go wrong on this car and if so be covered by warranty and if so what warranty would you recommend please ? .<br><br>My cube is an 04 plate and has done 69,000 miles on the clock , runs well just had new brake pads and discs on it which was a bit expensive. I love the car however I would like to think it will last another 3- 5 years happy and with not too many repairs . I do do a few miles in it at least twice a week 100 mile round trip to one place where I travel for work , where possible I try to even my long journeys out with use of the train .<br><br>Please do give your advice on warranty if its a good idea on this cube or a possible waste of money or if there is one that is less than £305 a year , and the general running costs as I go along with it in the next 3- 5 years I would consider trading it in and getting a more up dated car, not too sure if it will be a cube or not at this stage .<br><br>Looking forward to hearing back .<br>Chrissy <br>


  • Well there's no way for sure of knowing if thing's will break or not so there's no easy answer to that. Brakes and pads should not have been that expensive either tbh. It's a Nissan so reliability is usualy pretty good. Probably wiser to put the £300 a year into a savings account so its there if you need any repairs. Engine parts are same as a Micra I believe so no real issues with getting parts for that.
  • Yeah I'd agree with Paul. Your unlucky to have had a gear box gone but at £300 a year you could have it let go in 2 years time again ( incredibly unlucky if you do) and still cover the cost of repair with what you'd have spent on the warranty. Usually stuff that fails on a car isn't covered by an aftermarket warranty as they cover engine and transmition but the cooling system to the engine isn't covered so a faulty thermostat and your on your own.

    All comes down to how much you value the safety net over the risk of another bill. In the 5 years your talking about having the car for you'd save £1500 not having a warranty and that can pay for a lot of repairs!
  • Hi and thanks Paul and Terry , think what you have both said makes sense , I will now just save this in a separate bank account .<br><br>Many thanks .<br>
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