rear lamp removal on 06 gen 2 rider??
  • as above i have a brake light bulb gone but cant seem to see how the lamp comes out and i dont want to use much force in case i break some clips os something, thanks in advance guys
  • Scroll down to where I removed the white bumper on this page (you don't have to remove the bumper but that shows how to remove the lamps too) ...
  • couldnt be better bud thanks a lot
    sweet looking motor by the way
  • No worries.

    Thanks ;)
  • How hard would you say removing the rear lights is? I just want to pop one out to tap a reversing camera pos/neg wore into the loom so when I select reverse it comes on. But can't really see how they come out?
  • You've got a gen2 right? If so, take the number plate off. Behind it will be a foam panel. Move that and you'll see a bolt either side of the number plate frame.

    Remove the one for the side you want to check then slide the light unit towards the numberplate aperture. It should then hinge out at that end.

    If you've not got a gen2, then ignore this! ;)