Mats for my Gen 2 Cube
  • We only picked up the Cube on Saturday, so far the wind deflectors have arrived & will go on at the weekend. Today (weds) the mats arrived, I ordered them from EBay Monday evening - went for Grey mats with black & orange trim, well to say I'm pleased is an understatement, the quality & fit is great & there's even a mat to go in between the two front mats.
    All this & only £17.95 + £6.95 p&p Carmatswarehouse
    Not sure why some of the pictures are upside down (damn iPads)
    640 x 480 - 86K
    480 x 640 - 115K
    640 x 480 - 90K
    640 x 480 - 105K
    640 x 480 - 135K
    640 x 480 - 108K
    640 x 480 - 134K
  • Ooooh! Been looking for some proper Cube shaped mats! :-bd

    Was the dog included free or is he yours? :)
  • They look good
  • Thanks for the info,

    I bought aftermarket mats but they didn't come with the centre front section or the left foot rest section so they're a better set. :)

  • Hello C.O

    Did they even have the foot rest part??
  • I got a set of these too. And yes they do. Really good for the money.
  • can you give me the web address for them, I tried google but no joy.

  • Think it's these guys mate.

    You order the mats and then choose the edging you want as a seperate item.
  • Thanks, they look really good but dont have the little flap which goes up the foot rest. best ones I have seen so far though. 
  • I bought these from eBay 

    Despite the picture on the listing they DO have the little finger that goes up the foot rest and the piece between the two front mats. The quality is really good and they fit very well. 
    Best Regards James 
  • Yeah, the pics don't show the middle mat or the little split for the foot rest, but they do have them. I have a set of their mats in my Cube and the only thing they lack is the Cube logo on 'em....