Front bumper z11 Rider? Help
  • Hi Guys,
    Recently got my cube and have enjoyed doing a few mods,I've just been browsing a few pics and am a bit confused by what front bumper is on it,the grills a rider one but any ideas on the bumper? as in the lower chin part of the bumper?!
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
  • That's known as the 'Aero Package' I believe. The front & rear bumpers & side skirts are all part of it. There's a couple of guys in the club with 'em. Think CID have a white one for sale too.
  • Same kit has me but I dont have the straight grill, just the standard little squares one. Only seen a couple of others with the kit over here.

    The White one is so nice, shame the mileage is a little high.
  • Welcome to the forum chris! Was wondering if you would be on here, spoke to you about my cube at redhill the other weekend :)
  • Cheers George! Yeah yours is looking sweet,I just need some coil overs and some rims then I'll be happy with mine!