Sub output

Anyone know if the stock gen 3 head unit (non-satnav) has an output for a sub? Looking at fitting one of the compact built in amp, under seat units just to give the stereo a little bit of extra oomph whilst not filling the car with stereo kit!



  • I'd be amazed, most standard units don't have sub output. I think most of the all in one under seat sub and amp combos have inputs which allow you to connect to the speaker output though. (Admittedly not as good as a separate aux connection)
  • Sounds like a possible solution. Think I'll have to take a look at a possible unit to install and it's connections and then pull the dash apart and see what the options are. Oh well gradually building up the knowledge base for the car!
  • <p>I was toying with same idea, if you look at photo's of Connect units there's no auxiliary output that I can see.</p>
  • I don't have the connect I have the base unit as ours is an LDN. I'm thinking I might have to sort adding in a line out converter somewhere and run the RCA leads from that just not sure where over here has them as it's something our American friends tend to do more.
  • I would be ripping the standard unit out if it were me and upgrading. I will eventually do that with mine as I want sound system. Had one in my old car and really miss it. I've just got to stop spending my money on other crap and focus on car .............. lol.
  • I like the stock unit primarily for the steering controls especially the phone dialling stuff. Found a low profile under seat sub that seems to get rave reviews everywhere that has the converter in it so you just connect into the feeds to the back of the stereo for the acc power and speaker wires. Probably not the greatest way of doing it but about the level of stereo install I'm after as not looking to upgrade alternators and the like!

    It's the in phase usw10 that caught my eye as it won't take up too much space!
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