Wiring gauge?

So anyone able to tell me how to find out wire cross section of the rear light (or any other as I work through mods) without cutting and stripping the wire? RS sell the connectors that come in the Nissan kits but they are done in bands of wire thickness and I don't want to buy hundreds to cover all bases!

The options are

These are the connectors so anyone know what size the wires are?



  • <p>Can't see it being bigger tham 1mm to be honest. </p>
  • I'm actually thinking splitting the sheathing and soldering in the wire before wrapping might be the best way as it guarantees the connection is made and I think I might get an opertunity to get the car somewhere closer to a power outlet than outside our house between now and JF2 but if not I figured the middle size should cover it but nice to know someone else agrees!
  • They are good connector if you looking for a removal connector how ever as space may be prob I use heat srink and solder and you
    Know a good joint .question I would of bought 1-2.5 .
  • Toaster, how do you get heat shrink on if the wire is fixed both ends? That's why I was looking at the wire taps as they should be sealed. I'll be using plenty of tape for water proofing.
  • I did not know this. just that you were making a connection of two wires or splicing .how ever a good seal to stop resistance and ingress will be go .
  • No worries... I'll put together a photo guide as I do it for others to follow the mod if they want it so you'll see what I mean eventually.
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