[2003 cube] Head gasket busted, what's a reasonable price to fix?

Hi all, <div><br></div><div>
I hope you can help me. Our 53 reg Cube has been finally correctly diagnosed with head gasket doom. I'd like to know what a average repair price should be before I start calling garages. We live in South West London. I know that the engine should be a standard CR14 but I don't know if a head gasket repair would need any special parts from Japan.

Any info would really help! We'd love to get our Cube the back on the road  </div>


  • Parts are easy to get price for head job .parts .labour .skim head. oil. Oil filter between 300/500 depend on who you now if you do it your self well it will be a whole lot cheaper.
  • It's a standard Nissan CR14DE lump, so should be no different to a head gasket replacement for a common as muck Micra.
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