Key light on all the time Gen 3 2010 Kaizen

This problem has just started and seems not just to be the key light. I can start the car fine and it runs ok but the key light is on all the time. Now the fun begins when i come to turn it off, i press the button and nothing happens, i have to press it about ten times to get the car to turn off. I have also noticed that the steering lock isnt working as well. All this seem combined. Can anyone shine more light on this. I have found some evidence of other Nissan cars suffering with the same fault but dont know what the outcome is. New batterys in both keys. Regards, Dave..


  • I've not heard of that fault myself, the fault I have heard of is not starting. Maybe there related? That problem is caused by the Steering Lock Module. All you can do is take it to a dealer I'm afraid :(
  • my Steering Lock Module was replaced due to a recall I have a gen 3 maybe this is what's wrong with yours.
  • I walked away from a fairly nice Dark grey Kaizen near liverpool when I was looking for this reason. Looking at the manual it's listed as a fault with the keyless ignition (which has cropped up for a few people) and has resulted in the unit needing replacement as mentioned. Get it to a dealer and have them have a look.
  • tford26, what country you in?
  • Southern Cal USA
  • Hmmm interesting to know that Nissan recalled the fault in the States but left the UK to it's own devices as so few units were sold!
  • I had that done and a recall for the gas filler tube,
  • Well it's good to know there was a recall on them so they must have an updated unit which has hopefullty been fitted to mine. If it does fail again I will be bringing the issue up as I'm not forking out over £500 for a known recall fault. The same system is on Z350's here so I'm surprised they weren't recalled either :-?
  • z 350 were also recalled in the states
  • Dam you guys getting better treatment over there :((
  • glad it was a recall I would have not have wanted that to happen to me I just bought the cube last month
  • Well I think a few people over here might get done by this as we haven't had a recall. I know of 4 cars now that have developed this fault so once warranty is up it's a big bill I'm afraid.
  • This may be linked to the steering lock module problem I had recently. I posted the info  here as my Nissan engineer hadn't a clue!! Looking back I think the key light thing was how my problem started. I would take your Cube to service depo before you get stuck with it not starting at all. (I was on top of a multi storey car park when it happened. It needed 4 RAC men to 'walk' the car from<span style="font-size: 10pt;"> top to bottom as the truck could'nt get up there!! </span><div><span style="font-size: 10pt;">Thankfully still under warranty. Hope you get it sorted. :)</span></div>
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