Clutch Replacement

Hello All, any idea when to replace the clutch on Z11 2004 CVT gearbox? there is a looses sounding rattle when the engine is put under load, like when going uphill.Thx


  • Hi their . There is no clutch as such its chain and oil pressures and variable pulleys. My seam strange I would check all heat shield on exhaust and any loose item. plus on a 04 you most prob got a standard auto box not a cvt is their a switch on dash for box. Hope this hhelps
  • Thank you. There is a switch on the dash and has the up and down selectors on the steeringwheel. I read about the loose belts being a posibilty also. Had a freind take a look. Sprayed some DW40 on belts and nosie gone, so far and holding thumbs :-w
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