rear braking side light not working

I thought it was the bulb on my old lights but its not working on my new ones. Every thing else works and the braking lights its just the side light what my lights are on. I checked the fuse and it was blown so changed that and it blown again when I put the light on<div><br></div><div>IF any one has had this problem let me know thanks.</div>


  • Hi peeshooter
    I would remove rear tail light bulb and front on same side then try fuse again . Dose it blow fuse with lights of . If it is than prob is some were else . If is blows wen you light up with bulbs out there is a possible short to negative . Have you changed any over bulbs or done any other electric lately just in case there link to your prob. Y
  • Sounds like the problem that cubed one had an I put a cable from the opposite side light.

    Think scotty did a more permanent fix?
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