xxr 513 16x8 0 offset will these fit my 06 rider cubic???

Hi guys<div>just looking a little guidance on wheels for my rider cube cubic, it still has the chrome original wheels but im looking for something a bit snazzier only i know jack sh1t about wheel dimensions offsets etc, ive been offered these xxrs that i really like but i dont know if they will fit or suit the car in this fitment. Any help or info is greatly appreciated. </div>


  • Afraid not, they would stick out from the arch by about 60mm!

    There are lots of different combinations of widths / offsets that will fit but the limit is 7.5" width with offset 42 really and that's pushing it.

  • i was thinking it was too good to be true alright, what would be the ideal offset for a 7 inch rim as most of the wheels ive been looking at are 7s. im looking for similar to those xxrs with a bit of a dish 
  • Wheels confuse the hell out of me ............... lol, I have no idea how to work out what I can and can't get on the car :-?
  • ET 42 offset. The wheels should sit right out with the arches and give a better stance.
  • Depends on how low you want to go and the diameter of the wheels too though.

    You can get away with lower offset if you have small enough diameter and lower profile tyres so they poke out under the arches rather than tuck underneath them.
  • My current wheels are equivalent of ET20 but are 6.5" wide so an ET32 for 7" wide would be equivalent. They slightly stick out from the arches but still legal.

    My next set of wheels (coming soon) are ET25 and 7" but will have narrower tyres.

    To summarise if you want to stay safe go for offset ET35 - ET42 at 7" wide.
  • Actually there are a set of JBW wheels on eBay that I was watching that are just like the xxr wheels you mentioned and fit the cube.
  • Here ...


    Although they're 15" x 6.5"
  • Offset 25 would deffo be outside the arches though wouldn't it? Mine are 15x6.5 and offset 35 and they're tight. <div><br></div><div>They also rub on the rear arches occasionally (reminds me, must get them rolled!).</div>
  • 6.5" with offset 30 is the same as 7" with offset 42. (Half an inch = 12mm)<div><br></div><div>I guess it depends on the tyre profile, Offset 25 will stick out by 5mm but that's only a tiny amount. (Legal)</div><div><br></div><div>What tyres are you running and how low is it?</div>
  • Springs etc are completely stock. Think the tyres are 60 profile.
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