• PROBLEM: Engine will start, idle for approx 10seconds then cuts off and will not start. It will tumble but not start.
    When it is idling the tacho meter will read zero or close to zero, also if you depress the gas pedal it will not accelerate.

    TROUBLSHOOTING:Did a Diagnostic, shows no error codes, there is a smell of gas.
    Was told it was the throttle body or the ECU.

    I checked the map sensor, in fact I changed it...did not resolved the problem.
    There is no check light or error code coming up.
    I changed the entire throttle body with the cover that has the MAP sensor as well.....problem remains.

    I removed All the plugs they are all black and is wet with gas... does this mean that I am getting no spark?
    hanged both and problem continues.

    Anyone experienced this OR knows someone who will be able to help?

  • Hi, I have a same problem with you now. I have no idea on this, did you fixed the problem yet?
    Any solution on this? Thanks. 
  • 3 more things to try

    Cam Position Sensor
    Earth Straps
  • Clean fuel filter too
  • Blocked cat .air filter . Engine immobility unit . False reading fuel gauge .seams odd no code so its more like mechanical fault .low fuel pressure. My one played around start then stop not rev it was the engine immobile unit.just some ideas to think about.