What coilovers do u have fitted to cube
  • Right role call on coilovers
    So far on my list

    Fk silverline
    Bc v1
    V maxx
    Need advise please
  • I dont think there are many members that have coilovers fitted, but just have lowering springs I think.

    I am planning on going for the FK highsport ones, as they are within my budget, I imagine they are not the best out there but they will do the job on the Cube thats for sure. 

    DC performance seem to be the best place to get them from, there was a company who had on ebay for cheaper, but they stopped listing them. I think they were being imported direct from Germany.
  • Looks good
    I dont think the cube needs track ready stuff must agree
    These look good bang for the buck
    Got lowered springs on it and its nuts
    Also looking at higher profile tyres as the 205/45/16 feel every bump
    205/65/16 just need to find four
    Cheers for advise looks like i need to save money up
  • Just orderd highsport
    So hopefully in 10 days there will be here
  • Excellent, let me know how they are to fit and what the ride is like after! Planning to get mine on before Japfest in May.
  • Yep no worries
    I will do i youtube clown fitting guide :)
    Me being the clown
  • Fitted fk highsport coilovers today .very happy with ride and over bumps
    Big thanks to dcperforcemance
    Top service
  • Tidy darts, any pics of before and after rudie? :-B
  • On face book
    Jono derbyshire
    Also on cube facebook
    I set it 20 mm higher than ebaich springs that were on it
    Now it rides sweet
    B4 it was crop.
  • 20mm higher than cube eibach springs or were they the super slammed micra eibachs that get replaced? Do you know what your drop from stock height now is? Cube eibachs are a suposed 30mm drop which I don't think would be too bad on my gen 3.
  • There were 70mm lower spring
    Now i think its 30-40 lower than std
  • Sounds like the more accpetable for gad awful uk road drop you are now on which is nice to know as a reference point.