Advice on this Monster??
  • Hello All, 

    Would love to your advice on this beaut!

    I'm looking to move from a smart car to a Cube so any advice/guidance on what to look out for would be greatly received. It states that the aircon isn't working/not great, is this a known issue for Cube's of this ages or is it simply a recharge job? Not like we all need it at the minute with the current weather!!

    Thanks all 
  • hi, says the cube does 40MPG wish my cube done that ,mine is 2006 (40,000 on the clock) and i only get about 30ish
  • Been up for sale for a while seen it for sale a bit back.
  • So is that average MPG for a CUBE then, around the 30ish mark? Also whats the road tax on them? He didn't state the engine size on the auction. 

  • Engine should be 1.4 and tax is £170 for the year, yeh about 30ish mpg with it being such an aerodynamic shape

  • 30ish however on run at grandma pace I do get 38at best as long as I stay under 3000 rpm. But the enjoyment of owning such a weapon is well worth it great car for all app.
  • my tax is £74 for 6mths but 30mpg is deffo average on gen2 cube :-) oh and its probably a 1.4
  • If it's '03 plate, it'll deffo be a 1.4 engine. 1.5 didn't come in until '06
  • Thanks guys, I'm going to see it on sunday.... fingers crossed!! 
    Just need to get rid of my Smart Forfour... any offers??
  • Welcome Chris

    Yeah I average 31mpg too hence why I bought a second car for commute that gives 51mpg. Funnily enough I'd have been tempted by the forfour for that purpose. (The only smart I haven't owned)

    Good luck