• First time so be gentle with me. 
    I need to replace the rear silencer box on my 2004 1.4 automatic. but so far haven't been able to find any information on the site.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Cheers. Bobbyh.
  • Hi I think if I remember right that the Nissan note/micra back box is the same and from pics I've seen they are very close.
    A good exhaust place should be able to get one to fit.

    I went for a full stainless system but your talking of about £300
  • where are you from because i've got one left over from when i put my stainless on
  • Hi sticks. Thanks for that. I'm up in the frozen north near Middlesbrough. When I've had a proper look the middle box is pretty well goosed also. An experienced local service engineer who I trust thinks he will be able to sort it with the help of his supplier, if not I might have to get back to you.
    Our little cube was the first in this vicinity a few years ago and got all the interest and attention they deserve.

    Thanks to pault64 for his gen also.

    Cheers. bobbyh.
  • l stainless system ....where from :)
  • Best place Togo for you is Darlington exhaustafix
    I got mine done and they will charge about £70 to built a stainless back box for you and very professional.
    I travelled down from newcastle as a friend got his done there and well worth it
  • £70!? Mine cost 10 times that. Although it is a twin system but still! Jaheez!
  • Cheaper up norf innit. :)

    Having said that though, even my pretty ordinary stainless system from Longlife was just under 400 notes!
  • Company on Ebay saying £260 for full stainless, fitted :O
  • I was happy to pay what I did for mine. The guy is well known locally, has a very good rep and Longlife give a lifetime guarantee on their systems.