Cubic/Cube 3? (7 seater model)
  • Hello!

    Due to my family rapidly expanding and my wife venturing into childcare I'm searching for the 7 seater model. I hope to be in a position to purchase in March, but if the right one were to become available now then I'm sure I could have a word with the bank!

    Thanks for reading

  • There was a nice one that a club member was selling on here before xmas but I think it's sold now :(
  • Cheers Paul
  • Cheers Mikey, up until last night I was going to buy it, but...

    The seller seemed to be a bit evasive when I asked questions about the car (just check the detail of the vehicle description! Obviously that was useless so I had to prompt for more answers). I can't believe a serious seller only provides 3 pictures and a description of "great wee car, drives well"

    HPI check was ok apart from flagging up it has 128,000 on the clock, as opposed to 65k. Turns out that the 128,000 is km, but entered incorrectly by the MOT station. However, 128000km = 80k and not 65k

    Anyway, I would have to of flown up to Glasgow from London, and then driven back, and I wasn't prepared to travel 400miles to find out its junk!

    So i'm still looking, hoping to pay around 3k!
  • Shame. As you say not very forthcoming with info. Says it all ? Have you tried Algys autos ? Google them' a bit over the 3 k but low mileage cubes and might know where you can get a cubic! Good hunting !
  • Don't think Algy's have brought any in for a while. They certainly had no stock when I enquired before I bought mine and sounded like they were importing to order.

    There was a fella on here who was bringing some in. I'll have a dig for his username......
  • We are starting to import Cube's again. Our website will be relaunched soon

    We have 5 cars currently in transit from Japan - but no Cubic's at the moment.

    With current exchange rates, shipping cost and registration costs its difficult for us to make Cubic's work for under £5000.

    If you need any advice or have any questions please feel free to call me on 07770 870170. We have litrally imported hundreds of these Cube's - more than anyone else.


  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Found him! It was this bloke! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • lol

  • I've seen another on AutoTrader. 

    Its red.....(thinking it would be worth buying a stuffed black cat and putting it on the dash....)

    So not sure, its £2750 and done 49k, it has the beige interior.

    Sound ok? A bargain? or avoid?
  • 49km or miles sounds cheap enough thou, not sure on the beige trim probably get grubby quick what reg ?
  • Oh sorry, its a 2004 and it is 49,000 miles

    I think you would class it as beige interior, maybe it could be classed as tan or brown?

    Certainly not grey which would be my preferred choice.

    I would post a link, but every time I do this my post never appears.
  • sounds ok to me apart from the inteior colour but thats for you to decide and you dont see many reds
  • Red was the one colour I wanted to avoid (due to the Postman Pat likeness), but you know what? Its growing on me! I'll speak to Mrs M when she gets back tonight!
  • Hi there, my wife is about to start advertising her Cubic. It is is pearl blue with beige/sand interior and Cubic over-mats. We've had it 4 years and it has done nearly 85k. Has been kept as tip-top as possible and maintained regardless of cost. In December we had a replacement head-gasket (properly - cost nearly £1000!) as well as completely new braking system (discs/pads/shoes).

    Full stainless exhaust system.

    I will be making an advert soon for it but if you're genuinely interested just let me know. We have Moon disc hubcaps or the original hubcaps. See here for pics: Cube

    If interested please contact me via site or on carpervoffice*at*


  • Whoop whoop I've finally got myself a Cubic!

    2003, Red, 49k for £3250, well chuffed and absolutely love it!

  • Welcome to the world of square B-)
  • glad to hear you got your cube WELCOME
  • BTW, best get some PICTURES up! ;)
  • imageWill do! Whats the best way? Up load them to a picture managing site, then attach the link?
  • Yeah, summat like ImageShack is a good one. There's an insert image option on the toolbar as you post. 
  • Ok cool, here is the red beauty

  • Sweeeeeeeeet :-bd