Nissan UK Cube Items to land fill site.
  • Getting my accessory's due to lack of service today. I asked about Cube Mug and key ring.

    Talking to Nissan Parts Department today they phoned and were told no stock because some Cube Items have started to be sent to land fill.

    Due to lack of shelf space at warehouse.

    He said himself they should have sent mugs and key rings to dealers at least they could have used and or given away these items.

    I ask which land fill were they sent to.

    I have asked SG Petch if they have stock of these as their price on internet is very good.

  • i got a cube mug it was on flea bay looks really cool and very square
  • Ha, that is a perfect example of a consumer society at it's worst. For shame. :/
  • I dread to think the sort of stuff they're binning. 

    No doubt those £300 spoilers they had for Gen3's that absolutely NO ONE on here (apart from Bob and...*goes on to list every gen 3 owner known*) would ever want EVER are amongst them. :|

    Because chucking it on a big hole in the ground rather than let someone who really wants it have it for £75-100 makes sense! 
  • That kind of mentality is part of whats wrong with this world, were far to wasteful.
  • How ridiculous, I can't believe they don't auction it off to independent dealers or sell through an excess stock reseller.

    Donating merchandise to charity raffles would be better than throwing it away. :(
  • Some bits have popped up on eBay from dealers flogging individual bits off. I got the magic lighting, light up entry guards and cup illumination for about 25% of the list price. Wasn't too bad to fit as the boxes include full instructions
  • Typical, be nice if we could find out where they went!
  • There should be the equivalent of a TK Max or Home Bargains for car parts.

    Perhaps the forum could contact Nissan Europe to ask for bulk on parts if we collected.

    Just proves its cheaper to write off parts than airfreight to USA /Canada or Japan were Cube is still current.

  • Lots of traders show up at VW shows with excess VW parts stock, mostly new. Identifying each item prooves more of a problem though. It's easy saying that we'd all take Cube stuff but would we be able to identify a coil pack or single wishbone?!