Roof rack.
  • Hey guys. Show me some pics of your roof racks please.

    I need one to mount a box but can't work out whether a universal one would fit rather that coughing up £160(!) for a Thule or genuine Nissan.
  • Hi bud here is mine home made from another car
    2592 x 1936 - 732K
    2592 x 1936 - 780K
  • They do look the bo****s those do Toaster :-bd
  • I have the thule set.  They are so easy to put on and off.  You can get locks for them that match a roofbox too.

    All in mine were £115 with a bit of shopping around on amazon and ebay.
  • Yeah Toasty... those are the shizzle!

    If you are going off the shelf though... I'd shop around and get thule!

    Only the best for yer Cubey no?
  • Thankyou paul.m all done for a little over twenty sqid that paint and getting them fro a srappy bargen just the matter of finding what you like and going with it the possibly are end less nice flag mate