Gearbox Oil - ATF Fluid
  • So I've had a browse on the forum and I've learned that I need 7.7L for my gen 2 not cvt box.

    The debate however lies in the fluid. Nissan Matic J is reccomended, however I've read on other forums Matic J has been replaced with Matic S. So do I ring the dealer, ask for matic S and get shafted on price, or is there a reccomended after market subsitute?

    I'm hoping this oil change will sort out the bloody awful box that really needs coaxing to change. I've driven auto micras and leafs that have been pretty good so I'm a bit dissapointed with the box on the cube. I'm guessing it might be a different box altogether to the micra and leaf as its column change even though its bolted to the same engine?
  • I've been wanting to do mine for a while, but the whole correct gearbox oil thing is really confusing me.

    Mine is a bit slow from 1st to 2nd, revs quite high before it kicks in. Even just away from traffic lights at a fairly gentle pace.
  • Same issue I've got, really clunky for 1st to 2nd, better once its warmed up though.

    I've also noticed mine changes around 3000rpm, but to get it to change sometimes I have to back off the gas. Anything over half way on the throttle and it'll kick down. I also find that if I'm doing between 50 and 60mph its really slow to pick up speed, if I give it too much gas it'll kickdown and scream it's tits off well off the power band. Bloody annoying for overtaking lorries etc.
  • I suspect this is the cube's gearing as that pretty much describes ours too...

    Of note though is that they are geared to JP speed limits... My steppy is the same... Although at 2.4l it does 90 better than 70 but 50 better than 60...
  • just w8ing on cubed's how to lol to do mine

  • TBH, mine is the same. It's an urban car, so the gearing is aimed towards that and the Jap speed limits.

    The box is my only bugbear with the car when I'm on the motorway, but around town it's fine. 
  • Reviving this thread.. did anyone end up doing gearbox oil for non CVT's? Was there an after market substitute for Nissan Matic S available? Thinking about doing this in the coming months but wanted to start getting in the bits ready for Spring. 

    Same for engine oil, any recommendations?

  • Hi just changed my trans oil again 20000miles used atf u . My gen 2 on Dipstick it had j type last oil change 20000 ago . My box has always be smooth to the point of you do not feel it . If your in boy racer mode there is a lack of refinement how ever I not a boy now . Nice to let my hair down . Doh its fell out . 7.5 lit I used may help someone .