new drivers mirror and housing

04 cube, Looks like some idiot took a bat to my mirror, the casing is  completely shattered and bits have fallen out so you can see the wiring inside. <div>Its held together by tape at the moment, but how do I get a new one? </div><div>Sorry if its a numpty question! </div>


  • Keep searching ebay. They pop up. I got one at a steal (40quid) brand new in the box. Just sprayed both my mirrors black as the other one was looking a little tired and black mirrors with the black pillars/wheels/glass looks more JDM I think. Anyway, yeah, keep searching online. They usually go for around 80 quid 2nd hand, hence mine being such a bargain. Which mirror is it? I actually have a drivers side mirror. The casing has a fracture crack which could prob be fixed with a little filler, but it needs new glass, which is the main reason I got a new one.
  • This guy has a whole lot of Cube stuff. Although expensive he does free shipping, (to Australia anyway), so it'll work out if your in a hurry. Good Luck!
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