04 Cube really bad on fuel

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Is everyone else's cubes as bad on fuel as mine? I'm only getting 35ish to the gallon out of it. So less than 200 miles a tank. <div>Any ideas what I can do to make it better? </div>


  • Have you checked the obvious, airfilter and Sparkplugs ?
    Oil changed ?
  • That is about average for the cube. Its the price you have to pay but its oh so worth it! Was a shock to me at first going from a car I achieved 86mpg in...
  • Hi a no that a cube has a eight gallon tank so if your 200miles is right your not getting 35 its 25 . I get 320 on a run .also some cube oddmetre are in km and speeds are miles if yor cube was as bad it would bring on the engine light as it would be running to rich. The cube is a blunt shed with heavy driven I can use a hole tank in a 150 miles but I was in a hurry to get there. Hope this my help you find a answer. .IT RUDE TO POINT BUT PEOPLE DO.
  • Oh yes, good point. Check your milemeter.
    Mine is way off !!! Not only is it maybe in miles ( I can't be sure ).... but also the tyresize in my Cube is way too small... X(
    Tried to check the actual mileage it counts, but I did not get a proper answer.
    The Cubes originally (from Japan) have the counter & speedo in km/h , right ? As on my Cube, the speedo is "fixed" by painting the K over with black paint, thus now it reads m/h...... but is anything else done to adjust the speedo or counter ? :-/
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    Then again, if you can only get that 200 per tank, if it would be kilometers, then it is even worse.... :\">

    I have also noticed tht motorway driving, above 70 or something in that region, Cube becomes thirsty.... due to the worlds most aerodynamically efficient shape, Cube is.
    But when cruising along on B- roads, nice and smooth, it will consume a lot less.
  • How. I check mine is with sat nag on a road trip the speeds were in miles and then found the oddemetef
    Is in km so all I do is divid reading by1.6 and then divid gallon into the number you have the mpg. I do mine by the tank full on a run and fillup. The only way to know I am happy with the cube as I have had gas drinker. So the cube sips not bad for a shed and like other have said keep just under 3thou rev and smooth and cool you get more easy I know cose were looking for fun.
  • Did Nottingham & back on a tank and a bit this weekend. Cruised at 80 on the motorways.
  • How many miles/kms is that Taz?
  • About 350miles round trip mate, sooooo 550-560km?
  • Same here 350 lights on time for refreshments
  • Wow. That's heaps guys. I just got 450km (so, ~280miles) out of a tank freeway driving (110-120km/h and around 3000revs), behind trucks where possible, which has been the best I've gotten since I got it. Around town I'm getting 350kms out of a tank. <br><br>Mines stock standard, so do either of you have any mods that would improve this? Or, is mine in need of a good service? I don't know. <div><br></div><div>Thanks!</div>
  • That last run of mine was done with the back box disconnected (it made that 'mod' itself at the start of the journey, I didn't do it!) and I've got a K&N air filter fitted.<div><br></div><div>Car was fully serviced about a month ago now.</div>
  • Sounds like disconnecting the back box is a good way to improve economy then. :)<div><br></div><div>(I get 250-275 miles out of my tank, CVT gears always run manually, 80% motorways)</div>
  • <P>Mine had done the same self mod on the exhaust. It seemed to do a lot more miles to a tank until i fixed the exhaust. There maybe something in a back box replacement for performance and fuel economy.</P>
  • Lol. Give it a good service. Engine oil makes a huge difference and if its been a while think about gearbox oil. Just like brake fluid, if you have old worn oil in the gearbox, insufficient pressure due to bad viscocity could affect gear changes and over-reving which add up after many miles. Most of all, be light footed :)
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    So what we're concluding is the following?<div><br></div><div>1. Give it a jolly good service throughout.</div><div>2. Put on a new exhaust with no back box.</div><div>3. Don't drive like a tit.</div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt; "><br></span></div><div><span style="font-size: 10pt; "><:-P</span></div>
  • ^ Yep, sounds good. Haha.
  • <P>After getting manual CUBE in Feb this year it was saying 39 m/g.</P>
    <P>Having had a good run to York and back.</P>
    <P>It as always said 42.9 to 44.2 on dash this is over a 12week period.</P>
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