cube intetior question

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I spotted a 2003 cube advertised and liked the look of it but the seats are Brown material which I do not like at all. Is there any other differences in the cube interiors such as carpets,plastic,etc compared to a cube that would have black seats as standard.<br><br>If everything else was standard I could possibly reapolster the seats. 


  • Had too look about I looked for some time till I got my one wid black interwoven I all so wanted my one in red. Mostly the same in side gen2/gen2facelift different grills hazard switch witch ever a grt ride andloads of fun for you and others. Make it your own thing
  • I think the only colour coded stuff is the upholstery, roof lining and the dash surround.<div><br></div><div>Mine is an awesome beige. Although the dash surround will be getting resprayed soon!</div>
  • Different coloured roof lining? Cool. What colours do you know of?<div><br></div>
  • I think they do the beige or a grey\black? I could be wrong though. Fairly sure I've seen a non-beige one though.....
  • there was a 55 plate greenie olive coloured cube with brown seats and beige dash but most were the black seats and trim
  • This one has Brown seats and a lighting beige dash surround.
    Is the pillar trim/door trim likely to be beige?
  • That should be lightish beige dash
  • Yeah, I've got the black seats/dash/carpets and the grey pillar trim/roof lining. <div>The beige must be much more luxurious. Because beige interior's are always more comfortable. :P</div>
  • I could not live with the beige trim, even the Brown seats are a turn off!
  • Mine is grey all round, grey seats, dash, roof and pillar trim. Its a bit boring, need a bit of colour
  • <font face="Arial, Verdana" size="2">I'd love to colour match the dash and door trims to the body colour, but fear the consequences if I mess it up!</font>
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