• Has anyone tried any of the millions of diagnostic/scan tools online for the cube, model and compatibility info please.
  • You mean the ODB 2 reader thingy? I was tempted but had a garage check my old gen2 to see if it could be chipped and nothing would work on it? That stopped me getting the throttle controller as well.

    I would presume the one on my gen3 is more able to comply? A few peeps on here have had success with micra specialists i think, but most garages may struggle the same as you if you buy the wrong one! You done a search of forum?

  • No I havnt search the forum u mention going to a garage to get it it chipped dont get that one explain.I am talking about scanner tool like this 
  • I bought one a few weeks ago, similar to the kiwi wifi, so you can use via WIFI or usb. Plugged it in with the rev app, for iphone, connects and disconnects. ( 2007 HR15DE Gen 2) you may get the voltage pop up briefly.

     So i borrowed a laptop, as that actually says what its doing when its connecting,  and basically it doesnt work, something to do with protocol error, only i plugged the same unit into my mates outlander, and it worked within seconds.

    I have the guys that supplied it looking into it and a mate of mine at a garage trying to source something, I would avoid for now. I'll update when i have an answer, it's been a few weeks waiting already.
  • Ok thanks mate will wait on your update
  • As above, their reader would not work with my cube so i didnt get a scanner as planned or the throttle controller (both fit in the odb2 port). Im sure there was one fella who got his 2003 cube sorted with someone on here???? Might have been specialist import garage? 
  • Hi I had trouble with my cube and managed too use micra cr14de engine reader to sort fault code wich was the crank sensor all sorted now the gear use was Texa mind you it did cost the garage five figure to by so it alto work. The over one I know of if infinite 16pin but the same again cost a lot.

  •   I am researching and I think I realize how it really works ODB/ODB2 was develop by Americans I think California to be exact which was simply (On-Board Diagnostic).
      Then  different protocols were developed I think due to other countries adding their flavour so we end up with :OBD,OBD2 for America, E-OBD2 for Europe,J-OBD2 for Japan and I think there is VAG for VW group, oh! and CAN (Controller Area Network) not sure if this one is specific to a country so while the physical plugs are the same the protocols are different and for some strange reason nobody is explaining this, it could be due to the fact that the American OBD2 is the dominant version in use so nobody realize.
    Another thing the very expensive ODB2's seem to work on all vehicles which make's sense who wants to buy a $200 or $300 scan tool only to find out it doesnt work but these guys know this so all protocols are normally built in the expensive ones.

    So this is info to consider when buying OBD tools, ok guys tell me what you think.
  • well well well I have found some very interesting info that further conclude my previous findings this info will be valuable for everyone wishing to purchase OBD2 scan tools, check out this link.

  • Tried a Blitz R-Vit? It's the only device I've found that  can read everything from my JDM Toyota, for example. I bought it from someone who used it on a Honda. Its error code capabilities are rather limited but the other functions are useful in fault finding.


  • I tried a generic code reader last week, it said it was J-OBDII compatible but still didn't work with the cube. I'm waiting on one to arrive that listed k12 micra in compatibility list, will report back if it works.
  • Ok yea i wud like to know
  • seem like the blitz was made specifically for jdm vehicles which model did u get@markweather
  • Good news is that the cable and software I've purchased is compatible with the cube :)

    Write-up and details here -

    Hope this helps. :D

  • Hmmm. I think the Micra K12 electronic service manual I've got has some error codes in it??

    *rustles around in folders on PC*

    Here we go. This any good to you Mr Cubed?


    If this looks like what you're after, then if you've not already got one, I can get a copy sent to you so you can continue with your jiggery pokery and witchcraft and suchlike.  >:)
  • Cheers Mr Taz, I've got a service manual CD so will check to see if its on mine and let you know.
  • Nice,glad to know there is a tool available
  • Just an update for the latest item link on eBay as the one in my guide expired -
  • Is there one for the gen 3?
  • I did see one for Qashqai and juke so I'd guess it's the same?

    Let me look...
  • This is the only one that seems to be coming up ...

    Obviously I've not looked into gen 3 diagnostics before but it seems to fit into their suitability criteria.
  • I've a wifi obd adaptor which works with my 2010 cube using dash command app on iphone no probs
    Adaptor £15 ish (must be wifi not Bluetooth for ios devices)
    App on iphone £5 think it was
    Total £20

    If you've got android device can use cheap Bluetooth adaptor for abt £5 and torque pro app no probs

    I've also got a few different readers which work fine also on car one costs about £10 and other £30

    Not collecting them just need various for messing with motors, honest

  • Reviving this thread a little - has anyone ever got an OBD2 scanner working on a Gen2 Cube? It doesn't sound like it above... I couldn't get a connection using my ebay bluetooth adapter and Torque, but I'm not sure why. Does anyone know what protocol they use? Mine's a CR14DE, which are so common in the UK and Europe I would have thought it would speak a common protocol :-(
  • Give the 'Car Gauge Pro' app a try. There's 2 versions, a free one and a paid one. If the Bluetooth ODB adaptor you have does work, it should connect via this app as I've done it myself via my android phone.

    If this app won't connect with the ODB then I'd take a punt the adaptor is shit and doesn't work. It took me 3 different ones before I got a working example. :)
  • Just tried it, the free one connected but wouldn't show me any information. Might buy the paid one if it's actually any good - frustrating the free one gives me almost nothing to judge it by! It's a shame, I like Torque and have used it on many cars for a few years now. At least it proves my OBD works on the Cube!