new stainless exhaust booked to be fitted next weekend ....

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finally bit the bullet of scrape scrape all time so goin to get a custom made system next weekend twin exits . means gonna have to relocate revers alarm but hay ho bloke just said how loud do you want it .... said just a nice hum would be sound as dont want to fail mot lol will post pics next wknd.. >:)


  • Who you gone with Simon? This is something I wanna do with mine. :)
  • Nice work :) :-j
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    <p>Excellent !!  </p>
  • thanx guys bank balence gonna be a bit lighter but all good and it a cutsom build powerflow jobbie not de cattin though as think it could mess up engine manegment and with not enough people who would even know how to fix think is safer option to leave cat on .
  • Twin exits. Nice. One each side like mine or a twin pipe? Ask for a nice deep barble/gurgle. Mine is loud, when I want it to be. 30 mph in top gear and 1,500rpm is low and loud! Flooring it to red line through the gears is more raspy and sporty. Its amazing the difference a nice exhaust makes. Just starting it up in a public place or a petrol station. Everyone looks for the fast car, yet are not disapointed when they see its the cube. Instead they ask, "what is it........a V6 or a V8?
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