Cube engine conversion....

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I know there's a couple of you out there!

Looks like the guys in the Thai branch are going for one. They've chosen an MR18DE lump, Nismo tuned and with an Impul high power ECU. This could be good!


  • been waiting 4 days to go arghhhhh! :D

    id love to have a engine swop, but need it sorted for daily driver, cant see it being a cheap swop either, but hats off to them

  • Iv seen some v6 cubes on youtube
  • I'd love to see how easy they will find it to do this.  My cube would be even more awesome with a bit more power!
  • Ive spent enough on mine for an extra 30 BHP already! 8-}
  • Really interested to see how it turns out. A 1.8 Cube would be awesome.
  • Need a written off gen3 from europe then as they are 1.8cc units same as the yanks got :-((
  • I'm in process of trying to work out how to fit the SR20 lump out of a primera SRi. But think i will need to find one with auto box
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