Cheap Kaizen anyone?

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Smidge over 7K, not bad. 8) got pesky ants all over it though so may need some bug spray, tsk!

Reckon if this silver one doesnt go on fleabay then he would take 7k on the nose :wink:


  • Now its a bargain, only over in brizzle too! 8) get it for £6250 cash???? Keiron? Cubed? :twisted:
  • Bargain that is 8O
  • What do they retail for new? $10 grand (AUD) for a 2010 car? Damn. That's what the early gen 2's are selling for here... :|
  • Jeez. The prices on Gen3's have properly bombed! When I got my Gen2 a year ago, they were still going for 9-10k! 8O
  • All a year older (off ship and in the UK for 3 years) and most for sale have 10-25k on the clocks now, mines on nearly 37k so god knows what its worth now, prob about 6k at a push and thats only because its a rare one! (mine was 16k new, paid 9.9k and p/exd my gen 2 for it when just over a year old, only 10k depreciation in less than 3 years!)

    A few Nissan main stealers are still trying to get 9k for them, doh! :lol:

    Bargain for some one, i even emailed a few of my work chums and mates about it, i got mostly swear words and abuse back!! :roll: (even my wife refused it!)

    Cost you about 12k if you want a nice 2012 US one! 23rd most affordable car over there, quite popular it would seem!
  • I went to look at the Silver Kaizen in Bristol and it is a little tatty. Small dents and a few little chips. I'm sure they could all get sorted but sometimes it just puts you off!
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  • Just got this Kaizen for my wife! 6k cash - bargain!! BMW offered him 3k trade in for it.<br><br>Couple of little dings that I will get done by a  PDR guy, and the very few little scratches should all be able to be buffed out as they pass the fingernail test!  Also needs a pair of front tyres as one is low<br><br>She is really pleased with it and I enjoyed driving it back to Kent from Bristol.<br>
  • You have had a bargain !!  :-bd
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