Got camber?

  • :twisted:
  • Well i thought this was cool! :-((
  • Mine looked like that in Europe. 

    That'll teach me to have 4 fat feckers in the car. :)
  • must get round to lowering the Brown veloury goodness, have you got that strut brace yet Eurobob?

    Still waiting, think paul must have had a swift jap postie! :-((


  • Blimey, I had mine in no time. I obviously timed it just right for the latest shipment to come over B-)
  • Chuffin ell, you must be chompin at the bit, maybe if I order one now I will have the money to pay for it before it arrives?
  • Just put new michelins on the front too, i require urgent stiffening to make sure i have even tyre wear! :-B

    Lets hope postie knocks my door this week!!!