New Mirror. Paint codes?
  • Just bought a brand new, still boxed gen 2 drivers side mirror for £34 off ebay! bargain! (seeing as 2nd hand ones are going for £90 plus). Mines been cracked on the casing since I bought it and a dodgy piece of mirror had been fitted by the previous owner which magnifies way too much and wobbles above 40 mph blurring everything so It was something I needed. Now, I have a "rust orange" cube and would like to know where I can find the paint code to see if I can get it painted as It's black. Failing this, think I'll have to try and get it colour matched to the standard dark grey grille as my bonnet is also colour coded to that. What do you guys think? And anyone know where I could find the paint code...if there is one...(for both the orange, and the grey?)

  • Must be Paprika Orange then ?
    A 11.

    see this :
  • Lovley! Thanks eki! Managed to get some touch up paint too to cover some of those nasty little stone chips on the bumper. :-)