Chips a common thing?

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I seem to constantly get chips in my windscreen and i may now have to replace mine.... is this common or am i just having bad luck???


  • With the shape of the car, angle and size of that glass... it is not rare on Cubes.
  • I would have to say it's bad luck, i've never had to replace a chipped screen in almost 30yrs of driving...
    However eki912 may have a point, the Cube does have a fairly upright screen and that can't help :?
  • Small chips in my gen 3 and a few on my old gen 2, just the angle, i get mine from motorway driving, city car in japan so i would expect they never get past 40mph over there! 8)
  • My car is covered in chips from the bonnet to the windscreen and I drive on average 50 miles a week!!! Everyday a tiny bit of paintwork seems to have chipped off the bonnet! :(
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