engine light just come on - any ideas?

Got a gen 2 cube and driving it today noticed the engine light has come on and stayed on. Not noticed anything different about the car but worried as I'm definitely not technically minded! Any ideas would be welcome before I contact my garage man and it gets expensive .....


  • Theres a thread on that on here if you do a forum search 8)
  • Thanks Eurobob - I found it and really hope mine isn't as much hassle as that! Due to various reasons haven't been to the garage yet - battery went flat - but going tomorrow so will keep you posted on developments....
  • Been through any puddles? I jet washed my engine bay and it put the light on with a canbus lost connection error. Got the garage to turn it off, problem solved.
  • Put the battery back in and surprise! engine light had gone. Still took it in and the machine said camshaft sensor something or other, garage cancelled it but then checked my battery for me as well. Battery not good and needs replacing so may have something to do with it.
    Have had it for less than a year from kwikfit and it went flat a few months ago as well. Am getting a decent new one from my garage man and getting my money back from kwikfit.
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