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Noticed the wonderful hailstorm we had on Thursday has put numerous dents in windscreen, just knew it would as I was watching it fall down :( I suppose I should be thankful the stones were not large enough to put cracks in it!!!


  • Had the same storm in Kent,
    Now have a lovely 5-6in crack,insurance say new screen Thursday....lets see
  • That is unlucky, other half says it's not an MOT fail, they have not cracked the screen which is good. Maybe the Gen 3s have better screens than the Gen 2s either that or the hailstones in Kent were bigger!!!
  • 'dents' do you mean chips??? like stone chips? if they are in the wrong place on the screen and bigger than a 5p they can fail the MOT
  • Not bigger than a 5p, no cracks, they are just tiny indents / chips in the glass that I noticed whilst driving and would not come off when I tried cleaning the screen.
  • Sukysbf - was the Avantime at the meet in Coventry last week?
  • My dad had planned to take tha avantime to coventry, but was overcome with laziness and apathy!!!
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