Nissan Cube Part Numbers
  • Just had a service and few bits done here are the part numbers the mechanic found for me -

    Oil filter - ADM52106
    Air Filter - SOLN101056
    Alternator belt 7PK1148
    Brake Cylinder ADN14477

    Genuine Nissan NS-2 CVT Oil 107.35 GBP for two x 4 litre cans - free delivery (3 working days) from Gparts (Nissan wanted 168.00 for the same stuff!)
  • Cheers Herbie, that help's me. :)

    Here's a link for anyone else -
  • Just changed my gen2. 1.4 on a 05 plate the belts got from gates micro-v xf I only fit gates
    Water pump 3pk/668
    Alterator /ac 5pk1083 or 5pk 1090 if your stuck just a bit longer gets you home
    3/5 means ribs on belt and 668 1083 1090 are the lengths.
  • Gen 2 stereo adaptor plug -

    Autoleads PC2-91-4

    Thanks to CID for the info :)
  • Keyless FOB for Nissan Cube 2007 (same shape as for Gen 3) - 285E3 CT00D
  • Have to do this one as well if your doing plug holes
    13533ax010 a UK good number.little grey on right
    2 cambox gaskets long black around
    3 plug seals 4 round seals
    4 manifold / air box seals look like 2pairs of glasses
    Pick below my help you need all except long silver one and 16 valve guide rubbers
    767 x 218 - 24K
  • Heater & blower unit (Denso) for Nissan Cube BZ11 - Part Number 27226AX000

    Link to StuM's thread with details of problem and fitting -

    Thanks for the persistence and the information Stu!
  • ha, managed to kill my battery, does anyone know what battery I need for bgz11 cube? 
    The old batter is all in japanese and I cannot figure what replacement batter to order. 
  • A couple of bits that we swapped on a 2004 Cubic Rider cr14de

    Front discs - Renault Laguna 1993-2001 1.8 2.0 8v 16v QH BDC4338

    Front Drop links/Anti roll bar links - Nissan Cube Gen 3 Note E11 All models

    Rear Shoes - Datsun Nissan Sunny Primera Bluebird BW1203/BSK1203
    Rear Shoes need very slight moddification... A hole for one of the springs is in the wrong place... Just clamped the old and new shoes together ind drilled a new whole... works perfect :)

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